FREE DOWNLOAD: Willie Green’s “Days Of Future Past” (street album)

Willie Green
“Breathe deep…”

No, this is not a reference to The Moody Blues album, but Days of Future Past is a brand new product from Willie Green, and this one is packed with some nice tracks and beat excursions, a total of 38 songs in total. Whether it’s a view of tracks featuring other rappers or explorations of his beat genius, this is one that serves as a decent street or beat album, but also as a “resume tape” of sorts, including a few gems you might be familiar with, including the great “Diary Of A Dreamer” featuring PremRock.

It’s free for the taking, so stream and listen if you like, and if you really like, download it in the format of your choice.

REVIEW: Bigg Jus’ “Black Roses” (single)

Photobucket Chaotic hip-hop left and right hitting everyone like sliding down a razor blade nude into vodka is how I would call the new single by Bigg Jus called Black Roses (Mush) and this one just pulls your eyes inside out or maybe it is in your ears tries to tie it into a knot you can’t reach because your arms don’t go that far behind you and by the time you catch up to it it just goes beyond you, for you, or against you uncontrolled like a “black rose on your casket”, which is a way of saying this is the kind of music that will kill you but since this is on that post-modern future boom bap and boof baf, you’re going to come back and resurrect yourself for the hell of it and if you were a fish it would be an incredible halibut, yeah this is that freedom in the music that was afraid to reveal itself but now that it has concealed itself, this is just that altera- funk that no matter where you touch, it’s going to burn and go into your internal oh holy shit and holy fuck, yeah I got explicit in this review because I feel it deserves it because this music deserves it.

REVIEW: Bigg Jus’ “Machines That Make Civilization Fun”

Photobucket There was a time when I had hoped “left of center” hip-hop would become… maybe not part of the norm where all rap music was like it, but that it would at least be acknowledged. These days, if you’re not without an alcohol endorsement or have Kanye West on your song, you’re worthless, and that’s a shame. Then I think to myself: if Bigg Jus creates “left of center” hip-hop, does that still make that hip-hop at all? Myself then answers: hell yeah.

So what does Bigg Jus mean when he called his album Machines That Make Civilization Fun (Mush)? Is he saying that machines are indeed fun? Or that civilization would not be civil without the progress that machines have helped to create? Can that be a metaphor for hip-hop? It depends. The kind of music Bigg Jus creates is on some serious demented shit. I’m talking lyrically, musically, and flow. There’s a track on here where he raps each line and verse in the same key, almost like a robot and yet it works with the chaotic soundtrack going on in the background. Then there are other songs where you’re not sure if he is rhyming to the beat, but then after a few bars, you’re aware that he’s aware. It’s a bit like what Company Flow, Divine Styler, Kool Keith, New Kingdom, and Jungle Brothers had seeded years ago, and this is the fruit. I listened to these songs individually and it’s a mind fuck. I listened to the album as one sense of consciousness, and it’s a mind fuck. There are moments where he’s singing, but you’re not sure if it is singing at all. Or that he could be some random guy who heard some beats coming through the basement window, and he said “I got a notebook, let me drop this and… no no, I don’t need headphones, you just set me up and you can fix me later.” It sounds so spontaneous but the genius in what he does is how crazy he comes off. Is Bigg Jus trying to be civil, or does he represent the machine? I don’t know but I will listen to this over and over, and it doesn’t matter if I ever discover the answer.