SOME STUFFS: Unreleased Jimi Hendrix to be experienced again

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According to an article by The New Zealand Herald, a new tape discovered shows a more “gentle” side to the legendary guitarist. The tape, consisting of 14 songs recorded in a hotel room with accompaniment from a harmonica player, will be sold at an auction next month and is expected to lead to a final bid somewhere between $75,000 to $150,000. The tape is said to have been recorded in 1968 around the time he recorded his third album Electric Ladyland. Hendrix was someone who was very active in recording his music, be it in the studio, live, or even in his downtime, so it will be interesting to hear it if and when it is bought and released.

In the meantime, reports that Experience Hendrix has worked out a new five year publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing, for his music to be promoted/exploited heavily outside of the United States. This means you’ll be hearing a lot of his music in everything from television to movies, although they must be approved first by Experience Hendrix CEO, Janie Hendrix, before any of it comes to the surface.

What may be more of interest to fans is the announcement by Janie Hendrix that there is about ten years worth of music in the vaults, something she has hinted at since she became a part of Jimi’s musical legacy in the 1990’s. In the Billboard article she was quoted as saying Currently, I am in the studio transferring tapes of Band of Gypsys performances that have never been released before. No release date for this is known, but the 40th anniversary of those performances (they were done on December 31, 1969 and January 1, 1970) is not too far away so one hopes to have something new this year. Experience Hendrix will continue with their “bootleg” series of albums on their own Dagger label, and has plans on putting together a DVD documentary highlighting his stay in London for shows at the Royal Albert Hall in February 1969.