VIDEO: Bishop Nehru featuring Aaron LaCrate’s “Appalled”

Anti-pork people may find some of the scenes in this video appalling, but for those who don’t mind watching an abundance of bacon, please press play. Bishop Nehru is apparently “Appalled” by things as well, but not bacon, maybe he has some troubles on his mind. He brings in Aaron LaCrate to see if he has some concerns as well.

VIDEO: Bishop Nehru’s “Muffled/M.I.C.”

There are a small number of young cats in hip-hop who are pushing forward, almost as if they’re saying “what you’re all doing is foolishness, now pave the way for me”. Bishop Nehru is one of those young cats, and with an opening slot in the Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming tour, he may be the person you’ll want to come early to the venue for. This video merges two tracks, and while brief, this is sure to make you want to demand more from this 16-year old, and some of that “more” will come on July 27th when his Strictly Flowz will be released.