AUDIO: Bishup Bicardi featuring Excetera’s “Game On Lock”

Bishup Bicardi photo BishupBicardi_old_zps11qwitab.jpg
Bishup Bicardi is not resting despite it being close to teh end of the year, he’s gearing up for the goodness in 2016. He presents another song he did with Excetera but this one is called “Game On Lock” and what game are they talking about? You know the deal and…no? Then get to listening.

AUDIO: Bishup Bicardi featuring Excetera, Termanology & Mic Stylz’s “Light It Up (Remix)

If you’ve heard Bishup Bicardi’s “Light It Up”, maybe you had said “I want to hear a different version of this”. Now, your deepest fantasy has become a true reality with a remix of the song, which features (according to the press release) Excetera from The Camp, Termanology and Mic Stylz. What, I hear you asking? Well, I can’t hear you but what you can listen to is this remix. Listen to it, it is explosives.

AUDIO: Bishup Bicardi’s “Voodoo Music”

Bishup Bicardi doesn’t make anything that is close to doodoo music, but he would like to offer you a bit of what he calls “Voodoo Music”. Will it keep you locked in, never to escape? It is possible but in truth, Bishup just wants you to hear him and become a fan of what he’s about while getting some help from Grimme Da Mc on the production side. It will be a part of his Voodoo Child street album.