VIDEO: Black Bombaim live @ Caldas da Rainha

Black Bombaim live @ Caldas da Rainha from Fipu z on Vimeo.

As Black Bombaim prepare the world for their second album, they’re still playing shows to strengthen their attack for any forthcoming tours to come this year. Here is a video of a live performance that shows what they’re about.

I reviewed them here, and their new album will be reviewed as well when it arrives. Until then, you can listen to their music by clicking to their Bandcamp page

REVIEW: Black Bombaim’s “Saturdays and Space Travels”

Photobucket Sometimes I became interested in an album or an artist by the visuals. Call it eye candy, call it selfish, but if it’s appealing to me, I want to know more. The artwork for Black Bombaim‘s Saturdays And Space Travels (Lovers & Lollypops/Sonic Infusion), which I discovered on a blog, looked kinda trippy. Is it psychedelic? Is it mindblowing? Is it “far out”? It looked like that so I wanted to hear what they were about. I didn’t read the review too deeply, but it was on a blog with heavy metal albums and I perhaps assumed that it would be something of the stoner/sludge/doom metal variety. It’s none of these things, although the word “stoner” did come to mind.

Combine elements of The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Black Crowes, Grand Funk, and Canned Heat and you will have what may be your dream band, or in this case a trio. “Acid hard rock psychedelic blues boogie” is a phrase that needs to be properly shortened, as ahrp bluboo music will not doo, but it has the feel of all of those genres and then some. These three guys from Portugal are in it for the love of the jam, they praise the sound of a power trio and take it further into deeper dimensions. You know that point in “Dazed And Confused” from Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains The Same, where Robert Plant stops moaning and ooing and the group turns into a sick instrumental trio by feeding off of each other? This is Black Bombain’s sound, but there’s also that Southern rock groove (and there is indeed a groove) in their sound that makes you wish all of their influences could hear what they’re coming up with.

This single album has only two songs, each one just under 20 minutes. This isn’t for people with short attention spans, it’s about lighting up something, drinking a favorite beverage, and wanting to hear their music from start to finish. There are no song titles, maybe one song is “Saturdays”, maybe the other is “Space Travels”, maybe it is just “Side A” and “Side B”. It doesn’t matter, but when guitarist Ricardo finds a spot of comfort, he takes off and doesn’t come back. When he feels it’s the right time to exit, you end up hearing him solo with his guitar/effect pedals, as drummer Senra and bassist Tojo remain the anchors and just keep on getting deeper. It feels like Nirvana‘s “Endless Nameless” in a way or something along the lines of Sonic Youth, all while having a distinct jam session feel to it. The end of the second song has Ricardo playing his solo endlessly, and the instruments are pushed into reverb, remininscent of how Melvins ended “Leeech” on their debut album, Gluey Porch Treatment. I selfishly wanted the song to have a proper ending, if anything, and as they faded the song out, I’m thinking “no, please do not leave”. It’s open ended, Duke Ellington style, as if to say “to be continued”.

I love these guys, and I hope the rest of the world discovers their incredible brand of “acid hard rock psychedelic blues boogie”.