AUDIO: Code’s “Affliction”

Ever wished you could have some progressive rock in your death metal and vice versa? I’ve got a band you can check out: Code. Next week Friday, Agonia Records will be releasing an EP for the band called Lost Signal and I want to share with you a track from it, this called “Affliction”. The EP can be pre-ordered below via

VIDEO: Equilibrium’s “Eternal Destination

From Nuclear Blast Records comes a new chunk of heat courtesy of Equilibrium and this one is called “Eternal Destination”, perhaps a way to say where we’re all heading, the big inevitable. The band released their fifth album called Armageddon and you’ll find the song there when it is released this Friday. You can pre-order the album below via

VIDEO: Ghost Bath’s “Happy House”

Moonlover (Nuclear Blast) is the name of the new album by Ghost Bath and they’ve amde a video for “Happy House”. Occasionally I like to link the name of the artist with the album they’re promoting and the song that’s hyping it up and try to make some connection. While you do that, also check out the majesty of this track. The clip was directed by Jesse Lynch. The album can be ordered below via

SOME STUFFS: India offers a hint of black metal with Nogrod

Nogrod photo Nogrod_old_zpszrodzl5m.jpg
Black and death styles of metal can be found anywhere and everywhere but would you ever think of India for a country to find a good band? May I introduce Nogrod to you. The band aren’t signed but they have music for you to listen to, which you may hear by checking out their Bandcamp page below for their 6-song EP Abstruce Dismal. With enough of a position response, they’ll have more music next time.

VIDEO: Dark Funeral’s “Unchain My Soul”

Where Shadows Forever Reign (Century Media) is the new album from Dark Funeral and from it is the unleashment of sound called “Unchain My Soul” so lay down and die, goodbye and enjoy the in depth wallop of this heatseeking missile. The album will be released this Friday but you can pre-order it below through Once again, Swedish death metal breathes eternally.

VIDEO: Ghost Bath’s “Golden Number”

From their album released today called Moonlover (Nuclear Blast) comes a new one from the almighty Ghost Bath called “Golden Number”. This video will become an endurance test, as it lasts for nine minutes but fear not, some of you enjoy watching four hour movies or vegging out during TV show marathons, a nine minute music video will do you no harm.

For now. The album can be purchased below via

VIDEO: Soulburn’s “In Suffocating Darkness”

The ugliness charm of black metal shines brightly in darkness with this new one from Soulburn, taken from their latest album The Suffocating Darkness (Century Media). They’ve made a video for the title track, so if you haven’t heard these Netherlands metal brothers, have this for a massive feast. which brings to mind hints of the old with thrusts of the new.

AUDIO: Spektr’s “From The Terrifying To The Fascinating”

SPEKTR photo SPEKTR_old_zpsavs4innc.jpg
You can be a black metal band but can you truly be “experimental black metal” and what exactly does that sound like? The guys in French band SPEKTR will let you know how in a song on an album that will be out at the end of this month through Agonia Records. The album will be called The Art To Disappear and the track in question is called “From The Terrifying To The Fascinating“. Don’t rest with this one.

FREE DL: Striborg’s “Part III”

Despite its name, Striborg is from the United States and has released a new album called Spiritual Deprivation, some gloomy black metal that is being described like this:
Spiritual Deprivation” represents a left turn into the alter ego of Sin-Nanna’s main project Striborg. Consisting of six total tracks, the first five are an exploration into the world of ambient darkness while the sixth is an audial onslaught of nearly a half hour of power electronics. Spiritual Deprivation is not the new Striborg sound merely a side step of artist expression.”

Tempted? Have a listen to one track from it simply called “Part III”, which indicates there are multiple movements on this album, which you may order by clicking here. Only 500 copies will be made.

SOME STUFFS: Australian black metal is here from Nil Abyss

Nil Abyss photo NilAbyss_cover_zpstzx1wrcf.jpg
Black metal is strong everywhere, head to Australia and you are sure to find a wide range of bands who can tell you how to do it nicely. One band you may want to check out are named Nil Abyss and they’ve just released their first album on Nebular Carcoma Records called Burgeoning Death Void. It has been called “six tracks of dense and mid-paced black metal with a cruel feeling” and while that may be putting it mildly, it’s a way to say “hmmm, I think I may want to have a listen.”. You can take a listen to samples below. The album is out on cassette, with only 100 copies being made. For more information, send e-mail to nebularcarcoma [at] gmail [dot] com or head to the label’s Blogspot page.