AUDIO: Spektr’s “Through The Darkness Of Future Past”

The Art To Disappear (Agonia) is the forthcoming album from a black duo out of France named Spektr. January 29th has been scheduled as the day of its release from a band “known for their experimental and mind-altering approach to extreme music”. They are sharing a song from it called “Through The Darkness Of Future Past”, which almost sounds kinda Rolling Stones-ish but it gets much darker with their brand of darkness.

AUDIO: Mistletoe’s “Winter’s Tower”

This is described as “a celebration of the Yuletide in the tradition of the demo casettes of the early 1990s.” It’s a band that goes by the name Mistletoe but this doesn’t sound Christmas-y at all. “Winter’s Tower” is just one track on the album Yule, being released on cassette, and you can find out about ordering your copy by clicking here.

AUDIO: Nekrasov’s “There Is No Other Way” (EP)

It may consist of only six songs but this EP by Nekrasov may be one of the most intense recordings you will hear in 2015. If you have been waiting for something to literally blow your head off of your body, you’ll want to hear this. Some of what they do is death metal but they nicely (read “nicely”) bring in power electronics, noise, and avant-garde into something that may sound confusing at first but it’s nice to wallow in the confusion and allow yourself to figure it out in time.

SOME STUFFS: Nachtlieder ready to release her second album

The Swedes have done it again with some amazing black metal and this time around, it’s from a one-woman band, although she brings in a drummer (Martrum) to assist in her complete musicianship. She’s Dagny Susanne, but she’d like for you to know her simply as Nachtlieder. After seven years as a self-contained artist, she’s about to release her sophomore effort called The Female Of The Species (I, Voidhanger) and this may easily become one of the best metal albums of the year, and not just black metal either. The album will formally be out on the 7th of December but you can listen to it in full for your consideration, eight new songs of some of the heaviest and darkest metal around.

VIDEO: Tribulation’s “Melancholia”

I’ve only heard the word “melancholia” used once as a song title, and it was performed by Pete Townshend on one of his compilations of demo recordings called Scoop. That was decades ago and now a completely unrelated song with the same name/word surfaces in 2015. This one is done by Tribulation, which comes from their The Children Of The Night album on Century Media. You can order it in the format of choice from by clicking the cover below.

AUDIO: NYX’d “Going On”

NYX photo NYX_old_zps9mirnaim.jpg
They are being called “German daughters of chaos” but Blitz (drums/vocals) and Vinterbarn (guitars/vocals) are known as NYX, and their forthcoming album will be called Home. To hear the kind of black metal chaos some detect from them, have a listen to a song from the album called “Going On”, and what will be going on what? You to find out, as they say, by going here. Home will be released on October 30th through Agonia.

AUDIO: Varathron’s “Unholy Funeral (Live)”

A new EP from Varathron will be out late next week, October 23rd to be precise, so await the arrival of The Confessional Of The Black Penitents (Agonia). The Greek black metal combo will release a live version of their own “Unholy Funeral” so if you’re an old fan, get ready to dwell in its flavor. If you are new to the group, welcome yourself to the band’s classic mysticism.

AUDIO: Varathron’s “Sinister Recollections”

A bit of black metal is in its way from Greek band Varathron, who will be out with a new EP in a month called The Confessional Of The Black Penitents (Agonia). It’s a 7-track set and you can listen to one of its tracks above in the form of “Sinister Recollections”. If you’re asking “this is a metal band, this EP has seven songs, isn’t that technically an album?” Well, it’s three brand new tracks, that’s the EP, and it also has four live tracks so if you want to get seriously technical, then yes, length wise this is an album but the EP is the three studio tracks. You’re getting the live material as a bonus, so if you’re not somewhere creating demon hands and banging your head, I can’t help you.

What I can help you with is a link to pre-order the EP in a number of ways, so head to Agonia Records and view your choices.

AUDIO: Praise The Flame’s “Endless Scourge”

Praise The Flame photo PraiseTheFlame_old_zpsfqpigpdn.jpg
Death and black metal is strong in Chile and the proof of the pepper is here in the form of Praise The Flame. They’re about to release an album on a Spanish label called Memento Mori, with the album being called Manifest Rebellion, and you may find out what they’re about with a listen to “Endless Scourge.”

Manifest Rebellion will be released next week Monday (September 21st), but you can stream it in full below via Bandcamp.