SOME STUFFS: New Black Moth Super Rainbow album on its way in 2016

The good mates of the almighty Black Moth Super Rainbow are currently recording new songs for what will become a new album, their 6th effort. Hard to believe it’s only their 6th album but Tobacco has been busy over the years, throwing out group and solo EP’s every now and then to the point where it’s hard to keep track. BMSR are organizing an album they’re calling SeeFu Lilac, described as “neon flavored outtakes from a 6th album that doesn’t yet exist” but they’ve posted one song on the Bandcamp page for the album. Listen to it, then pre-order it. Don’t just consider buying it, do it and just want impatiently.

Need another juicer? Check out a song just posted a few hours ago called “DVD Sweetener”.

SOME STUFFS: Tobacco to go on tour, passes a song to fans

Photo by The Seven Fields Of Aphelion
Tobacco photo Tobacco_old_zps0beb5c6e.jpg
In his own unique way, Tobacco can name his songs anything he wants. Take for instance this song from his forthcoming album due on May 13th called Ultima II Massage (Ghostly). He’s called this “Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut At The End Of The Summer)”, and oddly enough the Soundcloud page this is featured on calls this NSFW. I was not aware that merely listening to something that may be deemed offensive is going to be heard by anyone else but you, as if you’re blasting this in your cubicle. In case you are in a public facility, you may want to plug in your headphones. Maybe the music itself is meant to be offensive, so to be safe, plug in like you were Eddie Harris.

You may also want to plug yourself in at Tobacco’s following gigs:
April 12… Morgantown, WV 123 Pleasant Street) *
April 28… Cleveland, OH Grog Shop)
April 29… Louisville, KY Zanzabar)
April 30… Nashville, TN Mercy Lounge)
May 2… 05/04 Austin, TX Austin Psych Fest)
May 6… Baton Rouge, LA Spanish Moon)
May 7… Birmingham, AL Bottletree)
May 8… Atlanta, GA The Earl)
May 9… Durham, NC Motorco Music Hall)
May 10… Washington DC U Street Music Hall)

* = w/ The Hood Internet

SOME STUFFS: Tobacco announces release of new album

 photo Tobacco_cover_zps9c4da339.jpg
Tobacco will be releasing Ultima II Massage on May 13th via Ghostly and not only that, but he already has some tour dates planned out. These are the confirmed cities that he will be traveling to, there is more on the way:

April 12… Morgantown, WV
April 28… Cleveland, OH
April 29… Louisville, KY
April 30… Nashville, TN
May 2-4… Austin, TX
May 6… Baton Rouge, LA
May 7… Birmingham, AL
May 8… Atlanta, GA
May 9… Durham, NC
May 10… Washington, DC

AUDIO: Junip’s “Your Life Your Call (Tobacco Remix)

Junip photo Junip_old_zpsb8a976b5.jpg
Sweden’s Junip are a three-piece group who just released a brand new album (self-titled) a few weeks ago. To compliment the new music, Tobacco (he of Black Moth Super Rainbow fame) has created a remix of one of their songs, “Your Life Your Call”. Didn’t think these two entities would ever cross musical paths? Think again, then listen. Then listen again.

VIDEO: Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Hairspray Heart”

When he speaks of Cobra Juicy, you know what he’s talking about right? Right?
Well, you don’t even know who “he” is and in truth, am I really referring to anyone? No.

Nonetheless, “Hairspray Heart” is the brand new video from Black Moth Super Rainbow, and it is truly an image fest, as much as it is a sonic fest. Don’t believe me? C’mon, you should. Press play.

RECORD CRACK: Power Pill Fist to release flexi-disc in early 2013

Power Pill Fist
You may know him as one of the members of Black Moth Super Rainbow and may have picked up some of his solo projects, but now Power Pill Fist has something new and stronger to reveal. It’s a 7″ flexi-disc single with the tracks “Root Ball” and “Sweat Jar”, to be released as a clear flexi by i, absentee on January 17, 2013, complete with a picture sleeve hand-numbered by Power Pill Fist himself. Pre-orders of which are being taken now by clicking here.

For collectors, the mixes found on the flexi will be different than those on the forthcoming, as-yet-untitled album.

The tracks will also be released as a CD3 and a DVD-3.

AUDIO: Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Blurring My Day (High Tides Remix)”

Are you feeling right?

Are you feeling tight?

Are you might?

You might as well be, for this is a remix of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Blurring My Day”, this one done superbly by High Tides. Feel like a massage? A mirage? Solange? Soothe and let it smooth.

REVIEW: Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Cobra Juicy”

Black Moth Super Rainbow The great thing about Black Moth Super Rainbow is that the moment one thinks they are ready to merge on the road fo superstardom, there is a spirit which has them going “no, we’re having too much found making trippy sounds and we are going to see how far we can go with it.” Not that being superstars would be a bad thing, but if that is the case, I am glad they are hanging on the fence, which means they’ll be able to delight fans like myself with their freaky shit.

Cobra Juice (Rad Cult) is a cross between French incidental and American porn music circa 1977, where part of it sounds liberating, the other part sounding like it’s trying to liberate your pants. Some of it is quite danceable and may make you try some dancing in the privacy of your home, while other parts, such as “Hairspray Heart”, show that if they want to get hardcore and raw, they are able to do it, complete with moist smells. Before you know it, they’ll play a song like “Psychic Love Damage” and one may imagine them playing in a field of daisies on a slope that will make them fall onto one another and get stuck within each others crevices. All of this is anchored by Tobacco’s synthy voice, which either gets sexier, sleazier, or more robotic by the minute, but you realize that this is Tobacco’s voice within the Black Moth Super Rainbow world, and what a world it is.

While there is a sense of lo-fi clarity with Cobra Juicy, if you miss when the band were more gritty and hiss-ridden, you’ll want to check out for their Psychic Love Damage EP, which seems to touch on some of the best elements the group have offered in the last few years, or maybe because Cobra Juicy made me high out of my mind, I started to want to hear everything with a BMSR filter. If you are a fan of Black Moth Super Rainbow, you are going to love what they do with their new album, as they continue getting locked and tangled in their own world while discovering new things to feed off of.

VIDEO: The Hood Internet featuring Psalm One & Tobacco’s “More Fun”

I’m going to say this once and one time only, okay? What you do with this information is not my responsibility. Okay, open your hand. OPEN IT, GOD DAMMIT!!!

Okay. The Hood Internet. Got it? Okay, now grasp your hand. Okay. Psalm One. Yes, that lady with fine rhymes and a cool voice. No no no, don’t be afraid, this equation is almost complete. Got it compiled and ready for an exponent? Now here we go. Tobacco. Not what you smoke, but that guy from Black Moth Sup…


SOME STUFFS: New additions to Moogfest 2012 lineup

This year’s Moogfest gets a bit more interesting with some brand new editions to the lineup, including a rapper who, to my knowledge, doesn’t play the Moog or any type of keyboard. However, he will be performing with a 9-piece Moog band. The “he” in question is…

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin (b/k/a Oneohtrix Point Never)
Morton Subotnick presents From Silver Apples to a Sky of Cloudless Sulfur
Buke & Gase

This is in addition to everyone else who are scheduled to appear, announced earlier this month.