REVIEW: The Flaming Lips’ “With A Little Help From My Fwends”

 photo FlamingLips14_cover_zpsd41ccabf.jpg The last time we heard from The Flaming Lips, they made a fantastic album called The Trial (my review of which can be read by clicking here.) After having a bit of surprise success with their cover of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon in full, the Oklahoma gentlemen decided to get into their mushroom storage shed again to cover another classic rock album, this time The Beatles’ highly cherished Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The new album is called With A Little Help From My Fwends (Warner Bros.), called this because the Lips are joined by a number of special guests, some welcomed, some unwelcomed, some surprises, others not so much. Overall, it is a split effort. Some songs work fairly well while others fail miserably, even within the context of The Flaming Lips. Some of the more demented stuff is quite good, including versions of “With A Little Help From My Friends” with Black Pus and Autumn Defense), “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite” (with Maynard James Keenan, Puscifer and Sunbears), “Lovely Rita” (featuring Tegan and Sara, Stardeath and White Dwarfs), and “When I’m Sixty-Four” (with Def Rain & Pitchwafuzz). Surprisingly, it is Miley Cyrus’ two contributions (yes, two) to the album are some of the best songs here, playing roles in “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” (which also features Moby) and “A Day In The Life” (featuring New Fumes). If Cyrus ever steers towards making more serious music, she may become a huge influence on a generation or two of many young singers. That’s not a joke.

The absolute best track is “With A Little Help From My Friends” not only because it has Black Pus but because it’s the noisiest on here. Would I listen to this on a regular basis, not really. I prefer other Flaming Lips albums and EP’s and I like The Beatles’ album a bit too much, even though I do enjoy the way they’ve always reinterpreted other people’s works. It may work very well for other listeners so if your mind is open up to this, definitely plug it in. Despite the fact that a good part of it sounds like a total failure (and definitely feel freel to define “failure” in your own way), the good thing about this is that all proceeds from record sales will go to The Bella Foundation, an organization in Oklahoma City that helps provide veterinary care to needy pet owners. Buy it for that reason.


REVIEW: Black Pus/Oozing Wound split 12″

 photo BlackPusOW_cover_zps3e78ede1.jpeg Released before the beginning of summer, I’ve had time to listen to this new split effort between Black Pus and Oozing Wound, and I’m satisfied in saying I’m ready for a review.

The moment I hear new Black Pus music is coming out, I get excited. For this round of music, Brian Chippendale is playing around with making music that sounds more professional. In other words, the drums are not pushed completely forward nor are the vocals distorted. “Blood Will Run” sounds like something that would be perfect for a skateboard video or any random sporting event, where the music is meant to push the imagery and vice versa. We generally know of Chippendale putting on that masked persona and having him sweat it out as if there’s no tomorrow but in “Blood Will Run” he is calm and collected, and it sounds nice. If there’s more music from this persona to come, I’m all for it. But for the Black Pus we’ve come to know and love, he offers the 14-minute noise fest called “Total Eclipse” and like its own title, the music is meant to build and build until it covers you to where you’re unable to escape or call to be rescued. Well, at least for the song’s first 11 minutes, as the remainder has him getting loose and free form, uncertain of what he’s doing and why but we dwell in it because it’s Pus of a Black notion.

Oozing Wound are a four piece band who have released two EP’s and recently participated in Adult Swim’s online Singles series last week. While they may be loosed tagged as being metal, the three songs they supply here often go towards something sleazier, or if you want a more certain term, looser. There’s a punk attitude heard throughout, and not just because the word “punk” is in one of the song titles. One can hear the disturbed voltage of bands like Alice Donut, Superconductor, and Eyehategod and go “oh, I know waht these guys are trying to do.” Their own name is perfect for how they perform, and if they choose to continue releasing EP’s or split efforts, I’m all for it but I would welcome a full length album in the very near future.

(The 12″ and MP3 versions can be ordered directly from Thrill Jockey Records.)


FREE MP3 DL: Black Pus’ “Blood Will Run”

If you caught the recent EVIL compilation, you will have heard not only a new song by Black Pus, but also a slightly new phase for the way he presents his music. He has done it again in “Blood Will Run” that will be part of a forthcoming split album with Oozing Wound on Thrill Jockey, which you can pre-order by traveling to this website.

LYRIC VIDEO: clipping. featuring Coccc Pistol Cree’s “Work Work”

Bitch, do you know who this is? This is clipping. and from their forthcoming second album, their first for Sub Pop, is a track they put together with Cocc Pistol Cree called “Work Work”. I generally don’t like lyric videos, since there is an overwhelming amount of them in circulation but this is clipping. so I figured hey, it’s a chance to share their song so I’ll post it. No harm done.

The album is called CLPPNG and it will be released on June 10th. If you pre-order a copy from Sub Pop, you will get a bonus 45 with “Ends” on the A_side and a non-LP track called “Brian”, which features good ol’ Brian “Black Pus” Chippendale of Brian “Black Pus” Chippendale fame. Vinyl and CD pressings can be pre-ordered here, while a vinyl or CD bundle with T-shirt can be pre-ordered there.

clipping. are ready for SXSW duties this week, and will be ready to play the Sasquatch Music Festival in July:
March 12… Austin, TX (SXSW / Hotel Vegas (Volstead Inside) / Inland Empire Touring Day Party) (3:30pm)
March 14… Austin, TX (SXSW / The Owl of Austin / PORTALS Day party) (2pm)
March 15… Austin, TX (SXSW / 512 (Downstairs) / Official SXSW Showcase) (10:15pm)
March 18… Scottsdale, AZ (The Western)
March 22… Los Angeles, CA (The Church on York)
April 26… Leizpig, DE (Conne Island)
April 27… Cologne, DE (Baustelle Kalk)
April 29… Nurnberg, DE (K4)
April 30… Krems an der Donau, AT (Donaufestival)
May 16… Flushing, NY (Knockdown Center) (Red Bull Academy Extreme Music Mini Fest)
June 13… Barcelona, ES (Sonar)
July 4… George, WA (Sasquatch)

SOME STUFFS: Black Pus, True Neutral, Viper Venom donate songs for charity album put together to help abolish debt

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
What does evil mean? Is evil an easy path towards death and if so, what to make of artists like Miles Davis and Black Sabbath who called their albums Live Evil? Maybe there is no connection, but artists like Black Pus, True Neutral Crew, Signor Benedick The Moor, diss1, Sissy Cobb, ParallaxScroll, Dreamcrusher, and more have contributed a song to a new Deathbomb Arc compilation album called EVIL. All contributors were asked to simply do a song about evil, in whatever way they felt like doing. All proceeds from the sales of this album will be donated to Rolling Jubilee, an anti-debt charity. For more information on their mission and current activities, click here.

AUDIO: Lightning Bolt’s “Barbarian Boy”

Lightning Bolt photo LightningBoltBB_cover_zps9f5972d9.jpg
The cover art either represents a squid, an eyeball beast, a vaginal tribe, or an attendee at the next big music festival. In this case, it represents the new song by Lightning Bolt calleed “Barbarian Boy”, which means if this is the outfit of a barbarian boy, he has an eyeball squid vagina laminate or something. The song is the duo’s entry into the Adult Swim series of songs, which means if you watch their programming, you’ll catch this song in between breaks. Let its majestic volume burn in your skull.

VIDEO: Black Pus’ “Hole In The Ground”

NOTE: The video contains images of female nudity, and while I would like to say it’s “non-explicit” or “non-vulgar” nudity, a few people might question exactly what that means. If the nude body, male or female, offends, do not watch this. NSFW.

Even though he released a new album this year, some are looking back and saying “hey, I want to create a video for the album you did two years ago”, and no harm in that. Director Carlos Montaña put together a video for Black Pus’ “Hole In The Ground” from his Primordial Pus (LOUD) album. Open up the bag for this in inhale it.

VIDEO: Black Pus In His Hilarious Attic

Ever wondered what Brian Chippendale does in his spare time? Maybe not, but you are able to get a brief look at his gear set-up, which looks as messy as fuck but that’s besides the point. You’ll be able to see some close-up shots of things you may have only seen glimpses of on live YouTube videos, but check out that John Bonham-style foot action. Also look at the trippy mannequin. Whatever you choose to look at during this quick jam session with himself, please remember that the presentation was shot by Peter Glantz.

VIDEO: clipping. live at lot1 cafe, feb 22 2013

clipping. have recorded one of the best albums of the year, and now they’re about to go on tour with Foot Village next month. In order to prepare for what to expect, check out this 24 minute black & white live video taking you into the clipping. experience.

Need more? Check out clipping. as they take on the road experience. You’ll definitely want to be sure to see them on May 20th, as Black Pus will be part of the show’s line-up.

April 22… Los Angeles, CA (Pehrspace)
April 26… Los Angeles, CA (Sync Space) {Deathbomb Arc Showcase}
April 27… Los Angeles, CA (The Coop)
May 5… Denver, CO (Rhinoceropolis) *
May 6… Salt Lake City, UT (The Barn) *
May 7… Boise, ID (The Crux) *
May 8… Seattle, WA (Black Lodge) *
May 9… Vancouver, BC (Zhoo Zhop) *
May 10… Portland, OR (Red and Black Cafe) *
May 11… Oakland, CA (Lobot) *
May 20… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell) *@

* w/ Foot Village
@ w/ Black Pus