VIDEO: Gift Of Gab featuring Latryx & George Clinton’s “Everything Is Fine”

Some of you may know about The Next Logical Progression by Gift Of Gab, but did you ever imagine that his next logical progression would be this video? It’s for the track “Everything Is Fine”, featuring fellow Quannum fam Lyrics Born and Lateef The Truth Speaker. The video was beautifully directed by Justin Berger.

VIDEO: Gift Of Gab’s “Protocol”

Gift Of Gab has released a video from his current album The Next Logical Progression, and in comes in the form of “Protocol”, directed by Justin Berger. Low key, but never afraid to open locks.

SOME STUFFS: Gift Of Gab has presents in the form of his “Next Logical Progression”

Gift Of Gab has been unusually quiet as of late, which is odd because let’s face it: when you have a gift, and that gift is to gab… well, you know what I’m talking about. He’s wiping off the dust collected and is about to drop a new album called Next Logical Progression, so anyone who wanted to know what would come next from him, this is it. The new album will be released on March 27th, and this is the official track listing, with some quality guests joining him:

1. NLP
2. Introlude
3. Rise (featuring Raashan Ahmad and Zumbi)
4. Protocol (featuring Samantha Kravitz)
5. Everything Is Fine (featuring George Clinton and Latryx)
6. Toxic (featuring Martin Luther)
7. Wack But Good People
8. Effed Up
9. Market & 8th
10. Dream Warrior (featuring Ms K)
11. So So Much
12. Beyond Logic

One interesting factor about this album is that it caters less to his select use of samples, and more to trying out more instrumentation. You can hear (and download) the results by checking out “Protocol”.
Gift of Gab: Protocol ft. Samantha Kravitz by quannumprojects

On top of that, fans will be able to hear some of these new songs and a few classics or two when he goes on a brief tour this month:
January 20… Crystal Bay, NV (Crown Room)
January 21… Chico, CA (El Ray Theater)
January 22… Sacramento, CA (Harlowes)
January 25… Eugene, OR (Cozmic)
January 26… Portland, OR (Mt. Tabor)
January 27… Victoria, BC (Sugar)
January 28… Seattle, WA (Nectar Lounge)
January 29… Bellingham, WA (Wild Buffalo)

REVIEW/RECORD CRACK: Deru’s “Mini-Mini-Me” (7″ 45)

Photobucket Two songs is alll you need at times, and sometimes two songs is all you’d ever get. Deru knows the deal, and has released a single that teams him up with two of hip-hop’s best. Casual talks about feeling high in the extra-green “Spliff”, and is sure to get people lighting up some doobs. On the flipside you have Gift Of Gab dishing out his trademark mental wits with “Bad Bad Man”, and it’s one of those songs where you might wish for extra minute but you realize the cut-off point is perfection as is. Pick this 45 up while you can, as only 200 copies are being made.

(For more information on this single, click over to Mush Records for more details.)

Free MP3 Download: Lyrics Born says “pho shua” with new mix tape

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Lyrics Born has some new music out, but not a new proper album, that will be due out later in the year (perhaps alongside Joyo Velarde‘s new one. Until then, he is making available a free digital-only mix tape called The Lyrics Born Variety Show: Season Pho (4!), which you can download now by going to

The cover for the “mix tape” is cool, especially the “Pho Cue” reference.
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Need a hit from LB’s full length? Inhale: