VIDEO: Blaqstarr & Common’s “Dear Diamond”



These may have been two names you never thought you’d see or hear together but now it’s reality. Their collabration is called “Dear Diamond”, which has been turned into a stunning video, or at least stunning to those who wish to be stunned, dazzled, or even razzled.

Blaqstarr has two EP projects coming out very soon, including Trinity and a Baltimore Club Music release, and is currently promoting the Blaq-files 2002-2006 EP on Jeffree’s/Mad Decent.

SOME STUFFS: Blaqstarr ready to say “Here We Are” with new album

The good thing about this is that Blaqstarr is releasing a new album called Here We Are (N.E.E.T/Interscope).

The bad thing: if the entire album actually sounds as clusterfucked as this sample below, someone needs to tell him, his producer, or engineers to get rid of the brickwall limiting, because it sounds like shit.

I would hope he doesn’t sound this shitty in a live setting, but you’ll be able to find out for yourself when he does a bit of networking and schmoozing at SXSW:

March 10… Austin, TX (Fast Company Magazine- SXSW Interactive -private event – 10:45 PM)
March 11… Austin, TX (Yahoo “Electric City” Afterparty – SXSW Interactive – private event- 9:00 PM)
March 12… San Antonio, TX (White Rabbit)
March 13… San Antonio, TX (Ten Eleven)
March 14… Austin, TX (Club 606 – 1:15 AM)
March 16… Austin, TX (Hard Rock Hotel Presents The Sound of Your Stay Music Lounge performance @ Cedar Door – 3:00 PM)

VIDEO: Blaqstarr’s “Rider Girl”

Wow, before you hear this song, please let me apologize for making you suffer through this. I’m thinking cool, this is a new video, I want to share it with people. The repetitious vocal sample already irked the shit out of me, and then this guy starts singing. Wow. Let me just say this: wow, and I don’t mean that in a good way. I can’t believe this shit is on a major label, someone please tell me this is a joke.