VIDEO: The Bar’s “Coming (To America)”

Kenny’s was a burger place located at the Kam Shopping Center in Kalihi. What was also in Kalihi: the childhood home of comedian Augie Tulba. You know what else was in Kalihi? The bowling alley known as Kamehameha Bowl, a/k/a Kam Bowl, where Chuck Furuya had some ox tail soup with some of his chef friends. What was also ALSO in Kalihi: Prometheus Brown and Bambu, who are united as The Bar, and together they’ve made an album called Barkada (Beatrock music) that will be released next week Tuesday. The album touches on their Filipino-ness, their roots in Hawai’i and Los Angeles, a Pacific and West Coast feel, and so much more. The album was self-proclaimed as a cross between “Nas’ Illmatic and Yall So Stupid’s Van Full of Pakistans.” Now, I’m not a big fan of Illmatic but the moment anyone compares themselves or their music to Van Full Of Pakistans, I’m sold 1000 times. “Coming (To America)” was produced by Seattle producer Justo, who you may know for his work as a member of The Physics.

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VIDEO: Blue Scholars’ “Anna Karina”

Blue Scholars have been known for their fun videos, but this one requires a bit of thought and attention of the viewer. It’s for the track “Anna Karina”, and the single camera/single shot video was beautifully shot by Matt Jay.

SOME STUFFS: Blue Scholars ready to tour at the end of the year

While Blue Scholars have two West Coast shows in their near future, they’re looking to get their post-Thanksgiving grub shed and will be doing so by doing some shows afterwards for the Town All Day Tour. First off, the two shows coming up:

September 26… Santa Clara, CA (Santa Clara University) *
October 26… Corvallis, OR (Oregon State University) **
* w/ Tyga
** w/ Big K.R.I.T., Timeflies, Rapsody & 9th Wonder

Now, the dates for the Town All Day Tour:
November 29… Bellinghamm WA (Wild Buffalo)
November 30… Seattle, WA (Showbox at The Market)
December 3… Portland, OR (Hawthorne, Theater)
December 4… Eugene, OR (WOW Hall)
December 5… San Francisco, CA (The Fillmore)
December 7… Santa Cruz, CA (Atrium)
December 8… San Diego, CA (Porter’s) +
December 9… Los Angeles (Troubador)
December 11… Chicago, IL (Lincoln Hall)
December 13… New York, NY (Bowery Ballroom)
December 15… Northampton, MA (Pearl Street)
December 16… Boston, MA (Paradise)

+ w/ Watsky

Opening acts for this tour are still being finalized, but for ticket information, head to for more info.

VIDEO: Blue Scholars “Slick Watts”

The city of Seattle can combine with a number of things that will make it distinctly Seattle, and its food scene and community continues to grow and develop. For longtime residents, there has always been good and great food spots, which often doubles as the hub for community gatherings. Haven’t seen your friend in awhile? He may very well be a cook somewhere in Chinatown two blocks down from Uwajimaya. Blue Scholars and director Jordan Nicholson find out Seattle’s finer culinary places in the video for “Slick Watts”.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Blue Scholars’ “May Day”

In response to recent shootings in Seattle, Blue Scholars decided to put together a track which speaks on the situation, calling for a bit of wisdom and help in the form of “May Day”. The song originated from a track Geo (a/k/a Prometheus Brown) did as part of a musical editorial he put together for the Seattle Times. That video brought back some positive feedback (along with the usual news website stupidity that often shows up in comments sections), enough to where Geo decided to put together a studio version of it with a beat from Sabzi‘s library, and here it is.

VIDEO: Prometheus Brown & Bambu’s “Lookin’ Up”

You may or may not find them in a blog featuring old school photos of them wearing Kangols, but you’ll definitely see and hear them in this video they did together for a track called “Lookin’ Up”, produced by Fatgums. The song is from the album Prometheus Brown and Bambu Walk Into A Bar, featuring an album cover that is very honorable for those of us sourced from the Pacific Rim.

VIDEO: Blue Scholars’ “Seijun Suzuki”

Damn man, this is what happens when you have a video where the sample sounds like a record that was pulled out of some jukebox in Kaimuki, while the video is super sly, super fresh, super slick, and everything else I could add to make it sound extra super but you know what? I no like. This stands out good “as is”, without any need for…

I’ll shut up. New Blue Scholars video, directed by Jon Jon Augustavo, representing Seattle and all that is good about the Pacific Northwest and hip-hop. Will this cause a new phenomenon of MC’s smelling swords? We’ll find out at the end of the year.

VIDEO: Bambu featuring Prometheus Brown’s “Slow Down”

Sometimes you have to wait awhile to find quality hip-hop, and here’s why the phrase “patience comes to those who wait” is appropriate. Here’s a new track by Bambu where he teams up with Blue ScholarsPrometheus Brown. Aisus, indeed!

Bambu: Slow Down (with Prometheus Brown of Blue Scholars) from Beatrock Music on Vimeo.

SOME STUFFS: Burn To Shine project celebrates destruction through music

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Photo ©Jim Saah

This is a really cool project. Someone finds out about a home in a city that is about to be destroyed. That someone gets a bunch of bands to perform at that home. They can only play one song, but perform it twice. The performances and any actions in and around the home are recorded, audio and video. The performances are preserved as is, warts and all. When the performances are over, the home is destroyed as scheduled.

This is the result of a project called Burn To Shine, where the performances/home demolition was taken to five cities. The city with the best results? Seattle, where Eddie Vedder, Jesse Sykes, and Blue Scholars had taken part. Each city are now represented by their own individual DVD, the Portland and Seattle editions are still available by going here (nicely priced too). You can watch highlights from each of the five cities by clicking there.