REVIEW: Blueprint’s “King No Crown”

Blueprint photo Blueprint2015_cover_zpsbmab8nch.jpg After listening to Blueprint’s brand new album King No Crown (Weightless), it made me ask something: has he changed? What prompted me to say this? A few things. For one the Printmatic one continues to be one of the most solid rappers out today, and has been this day since I first heard him 14 years ago in the song “Time To Unravel”. It was his verse that made me go “holy shit, who is this?” Ten years ago, I stated his 1988 album was one of the best of 2005 and ten years later, I still feel that way. I’ve enjoyed his work over the years so what made me feel he has changed in any way?

For one, he continues to develop and polish, if not fine tune his matter of speak, which means he does not want to sound exactly the same with every release. He is consistent but on this album he sounds more like someone who could easily be alongside the likes of Talib Kweli. Blueprint’s lyrics continue to be personal and while some of the metaphors can be heard within, it’s less about darting around the issue and being direct and to the point, whether it’s about a relative or his own progression in life. The type of flow I’ve always enjoyed from Blueprint happens in the title track around the 3:14 mark and it made me go yes, and while it is the only part of the album where he does this, it at least showed me he isn’t afraid to do that style that was a big part of what also made Greenhouse Effect great. What works on this album is that he shows more growth and maturity, to let people know where he came from, how traveling is a big part of his life and career and that he isn’t willing to keep himself back in time for anyone.

With a hint of ego and pride, Blueprint says he is more than willing to be the voice of a generation. He should be but the lack of a major label contract has kept him out of the loop. He is someone who not only has something to say for a younger generation but for older fans who simply want to hear the music continue as a vibrant artform that grows along with themselves. He is someone who has always understood how he wants to be heard by continuing to produce his own music, so what you listen to is the creation of the mind of Albert Shepard. Regardless of level of status, Blueprint remains a voice that continues to be a force that never loses its passion, and it’s from the heart that makes him move forward with new stories to share.

VIDEO: Blueprint’s “King No Crown”

Brand new from the Printmatic one himself known as Blueprint. He is one of the few MC’s I highly anticipate for to hear, and of course I’m able to glimpse at the visual representation for “King No Crown”, done by directors Keenan Parry and Ason Intrigue. It’s the title track for his new album out now, available through his website


VIDEO: Blueprint’s “Great Eyedeas Never Die”

Blueprint is about to release a new album called King No Crown and from it is a song he wrote and recorded in honor of the late Micheal Larsen, who is more familiar as rapper Eyedea. “Great Eyedeas Never Die” explains why he is special not only to hip-hop, but to friends who considered him more than just a rapper, but as an associate. If you want an autographed copy of the record or CD, you can pre-order it directly from Blueprint by heading here. The song is available as a free download by clicking here. MP3 version of the album can be pre-ordered below through Amazon.


SOME STUFFS: Blueprint shares new video and summer tour dates

The Printmatic one continues to do his thing in the best way possible and today, he’s doing it two ways. First way is with a new video for the song “Perspective”, which he shares with you as a means for you to form your own.

You may opt to form some more right now in a string of current tour dates:

June 25… Minneapolis, MN (7th Street Entry)
June 26… Kansas City, MO (Riot Room)
June 27… St Louis, MO (2720 Cherokee)
June 28… Milwaukee, WI (Mad Planet)
June 29… Green Bay, WI (JD’s Speakeasy)
June 30… Iowa City, IA (Gabes)
July 1… Wichita, KS (Lucky’s Everyday)
July 3… Detroit, MI (TV Lounge)
July 4… Dayton, OH (Hole In the Wall)
July 5… Columbus, OH (Brothers Drake)
July 6… Pittsburgh, PA (Belvedere’s Ultra Drive)
July 8… Manchester, NH (The Shaskeen)
July 9… Portland, ME (The Asylum)
July 10… Stanhope, NJ (Stanhope House)
July 11… Albany, NY (Hollow Bar)
July 12… Buffalo, NY (Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar)

His latest album Respect The Architect is out now on Weightless Recordings.


VIDEO: Blueprint’s “Respect The Architect”

He promised it, he announced it, and now it’s here: Blueprint’s video for the title track to his latest album Respect The Architect, which has the boom bap of yesterday but the continuity of intelligence he has always been known for, this is a song not to be slept on if you’re questioning why, all you have to do is press play. The full album is less than a month away, the MP3’s of which you may pre-order below via Amazon.

SOME STUFFS: Blueprint to “Respect The Architect” by bringing Count Bass D on tour

We’re about a month away from the release of Blueprint’s Respect The Architect album, and tour dates have been announced in support of the album. Heading on tour with Printmatic is Count Bass D, a hip-hop legend in his own right so you’ll want to show up for whatever will be happening on these evenings. It should be an excellent experience:

April 26… Columbus, OH (Double Happiness)
May 1… Evansville, IN (PG)
May 2… Huntington, WV (V Club)
May 3… Asheville, NC (Timo’s House)
May 4… Raleigh, NC (Deep South)
May 5… Charlotte, NC (Snug Harbor)
May 6… Nashville, TN (Exit In)
May 7… Atlanta, GA (529)
May 9… Jacksonville, FL (Burro Bar)
May 10… Miami Springs, FL (The Catalyst)
May 11… Tampa/Dunedin, FL (The Dunedin Brewery)
May 12… St. Augustine, FL (Shanghai Knobby’s)
May 14… Winter Haven, FL (Jesse’s Lounge)
May 15… Lake Worth, FL (The Speak Easy)
May 16… Orlando, FL (The Peacock Room)
May 17… Fort Myers Beach, FL (Nervous Nellie’s)
May 20… Fort Worth, TX (Lola’s)
May 22… San Antonio, TX (Fitzgeralds)
May 23… Austin, TX (Holy Mountain)
May 25… Sante Fe, NM (Warehouse 21)
May 26… Denver, CO (The Roxy)
May 27… Fort Collins, CO (Hodi’s Half Note)
May 29… Flagstaff, AZ (Flagstaff Brewing Company)
May 30… Salt Lake City (Bar Deluxe)
May 31… Ketchum, ID (Whiskey Jacques)
June 3… Las Vegas, NV (Beauty Bar)
June 4… Fullerton, CA (Slidebar)
June 5… Santa Cruz, CA (Moes)
June 6… San Francisco, CA (Milk Bar)
June 7… Berkeley, CA (924 Gilman)
June 11… Eugene, OR (Luckey’s)
June 12… Portland, OR (Hawthorne Theatre Lounge)
June 13… Juneau, AK (Rockwell)
June 14… Sitka, AK (Bayview Pub)
June 15… Seattle, WA (The Nectar Lounge)
June 17… Whitefish, MT (Crush Lounge)
June 18… Missoula, MT (Stage 112)
June 19… Great Falls, MT (Machinery Row)
June 20… Bozeman, MT (Zebra Cocktail)
June 21… Minot, ND (Souris River Brewery)
June 22… Fargo, ND (The Nestor)
June 24… Des Moines, IA (Vaudeville Mews)
June 25… Minneapolis, MN (7th Street Entry)
June 26… Kansas City, MO (Riot Room)

SOME STUFFS: Blueprint announces release of new album

 photo BlueprintRTA_cover_zpsac3e5eb7.jpg
Respect is what I give to someone like Blueprint, whom I’ve been a fan of since he dropped his verse in “Time To Unravel”. I made his 1988 album my favorite album of the year in 2005 and he continues to make the kind of music he wants to make. He will do this again when Respect the Architect (Weightless Recordings) drops on April 22nd, which will feature IMakeMadBeats helping out on production and also Count Bass D and good ol’ Illogic helping out with microphone professionalism.

SOME STUFFS: New Oddisee track to appear on forthcoming Mello Music Group compilation

 photo MMGMV1_cover_zpsa42306e7.jpg
Mello Music Group are easily one of the most busiest labels out there today, and for me, I always anticipate what they’re about to release next. Here is that next: a compilation album called Mello Music Group Mandala Vol. 1: Polysonic Flows, to be released digitally on January 28th, with hard copy on February 4th. The album will feature material from yU, Dudley Perkins, Has-Lo, Blueprint, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Open Mike Eagle, John Robinson, Mr. Lif, Akil The MC, and Oddisee, who decided to share one of his contributions to the album with “Invislble Walls”, which you may download for free.

REVIEW: MidaZ The Beast’s “AU: Another Universe”

 photo MidaZ_cover_zpse820a255.jpg Doozy.

That’s one word to use to describe MidaZ The Beast’s AU: Another Universe (HiPNOTT), and it’s because after a few years of dropping verses, making cameos and whatnot here and there, we’re getting a chance to hear what MidaZ is truly about and as for him being The Beast, if the name fits, use it. He has the kind of style that fits in with mid to late 90’s hip-hop, the laid back dude who is secure about what he rhymes and how he does it (along the lines of Common), along with that old school rah rah spirit that might bring to mind M.O.P. It’s nice to hear someone who is also confident enough to give people something different with every other songs, too many people are afraid to rap in a different style, as if it’s a shock tactic or something to be heard in a manner other than the initial manner. “Icing On The Cake” sounds nothing like “Mind Control”, which sounds nothing like the track he does with Ms. Mylodic, “Self Actualization”, and on and on and on. The listener initially gets familiar with what MidaZ is all about, but then that goes away when it’s realize he’s about more than one thing. One of the best tracks here is “Seeing Is Believing”, which features Sabac red and the great Blueprint, and the union between the three is just right, no complaints here.

By the end, it’s obvious MidaZ is about a lot of different things, which to me means someone who is willing to offer and share variety, just as he most likely has different interests. He might turn his music inside out with his next efforts, but one can’t say “I was shocked he did that, that one was a huge surprise”. Be open to the possibilities, and perhaps MidaZ has the golden touch that will make many of those possibilities turn into more jewels/joys of/in music. The album is called AU: Another Universe, Au also stands for the element of gold, his name is MidaZ. Understand this.