VIDEO: DJ Dez & DJ Butter featuring Kurupt & Boldy James’ “Heavy Hittaz”

New sounds may lead to new and deeper mounds, and one of the people that will mound you is DJ Dez.

It could easily be DJ Butter.

Maybe this is why they decided to join together.

Together, they consider themselves “Heavy Hittaz” and to help them out, they got two rappers who are not light in any fashion: Boldy James and Kurupt. The song could be courageous but you’ll have to listen in order to approve of its solidness. The song is taken from Dez & Butter’s new album, A Piece Of The Action, so grab a piece and squeeze it tightly.

BIDEO: Boldy James’ “Moochie”

The Alchemist worked with Boldy James for the album My 1st Chemistry Set (Mass Appeal/Decon) and the first slice of visual fun comes in the form of “Moochie”. It seems Boldy James is ready to drop an all new glossary on everyone, so find what you must define and refind.

AUDIO: Guilty Simpson & Small Professor featuring Boldy James & Statik Selectah’s “I’m The City”

It was Bobby Womack who once told the world that there ain’t no love in the heart of the city. Glenn Frey told us “you belong to the city”. In 2013, Guilty Simpson and Small Professor are telling everyone “I’m The City”, and they’re doing it with help from Boldy James and Statik Selektah. This is the third song to surface from the Highway Robbery and is said to be the last of the bunch before it goes on sale officially.

FREE MP3 DL: Boldy James’ “Jammin’ 30: In The Mornin'”

 photo BoldyJames_cover_zps58946bc2.jpg
It would take three people to host the new street album by Boldy James, which is why he used DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Ray Ya Dig, and DJ BJ 3525 as the presenters. The bold one has released Jammin’ 30: In The Mornin’, and it is a precursor to his proper debut album coming out on Mass Appeal/Decon called My First Chemistry Set, appropriately produced by The Alchemist. That drops on October 15th.

VIDEO: Boldy James’ “One Of One”

Grand Quarters (Decon) is the new EP by Boldy James and before he goes into the studio to record a project with The Alchemist, he has created a video for “One Of One”. Very laid back and cool vibe in this video, have a look and listen.

BEST OF 2012: My favorite music videos of the year

Let me say this off the top: this is not a list of every single music video that was made in 2012. Making a video is now the norm these days, and at times the amount of videos I have a chance in posting is overwhelming. What this is is a listing of my favorites of music videos I have seen and enjoyed. It could be due to the artist, it could be due to the song, it could be a mixture of both, plus some visuals that I found pleasing to my eyes and thus the mind. I did not have a specific video I felt was the absolute best, but I felt these stood out for whatever reason.

Yinka Diz-Overnight Scenario

Prometheus Brown & Bambu-Lookin’ Up

Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator-Rella

Kimya Dawson-Solid and Strong

Diplo-featuring Nicky Da B-Express Yourself

Radioinactive featuring 2Mex & La Caution-Mint Tea

Eamon McGrath-Great Lakes

Sene-The Feel Reel

OFF!-Wiped Out

Shmu-House of Stares

El-P-The Full Retard


The Spinto Band-The Living Things

Dan Deacon-True Thrush

Kool A.D.-Al Green<

Has-Lo-Inherit The Stars (Paten Locke Remix)

Hungry Ghost-Epic Sadness

Boldy James-For The Birds

Chris Cohen-Monad

Rhye-The Fall (Live)

Says She’s Ms. Blat-Violent Nudity/Ha Ha Ha

Nosaj Thing featuring Kazu Makino-Eclipse/Blue

Earl Sweatshirt-Chum

Toro Y Moi-So Many Details

Karriem Riggins-Round The Outside (Alone Together)

VIDEO: Boldy James’ “For The Birds”

Oliver Whitehouse directed this very cool video for Boldy James, for a song called “For The Birds”. Boldy’s approach? Laid back and stony, but not lazy and boring. He represents Detroit and shows not only what the city can represent, but what he represents as a rapper and an MC in his own right. Again, it’s laid back and I’m thinking man, if this guy gets any deeper and higher, someone may have to revive NASA in his honor alone. I’m feeling this, and perhaps you can make him one of your favorites as well.

(For those of you who may recognize the liquor store, it is indeed the one on the corner of Edgewood and Erwin.)

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Sheefy McFly featuring Boldy James’ “Hilfigger”

Synthy, feefy, and also waiof. What is Sheefy McFly? First and foremost, he is a human. His chosen means of entertainment is rap music, and thus he is a rapper. He will be releasing an album very soon called Hotboxin’, and this is his track with Boldy James. Splendid? You tell me. Both of them represent Detroit, and the hope is that they’re up to the new shit. Maximum bass, maximum explosives, distribution of a pearl necklace, and a hint of cocaine. Can you deal with this? Then proceed.