FREE DL: L’Orange featuring Boog Brown’s “Until The Fall
Another rocker from Mello Music Group comes in the form of “Until The Fall” by L’Orange. Boog Brown is the MC on this and is said to have been recorded after L’Orange put together The Orchid Days so listen to it. If it moves, download it for free in MP3 or FLAC lossless forms.

SOME STUFFS: J-Live returns once more with “Around The Sun”
J-Live is back with a brand new album called Around The Sun and for this one, he brings on twelve new songs, some of which feature the talents of Tanya Morgan, Rome Supreme, Ekundayo, Boog Brown, Homeboy Sandman, and Sam London helping out a bit. If it’s J-Live, you know it’s music you don’t want to mess with, or mess with it in a good way.

FREE MP3 DL: Yamin Semali featuring J-Live, Boog Brown, and Joe D.’s “Another Way”

 photo YaminSemaliAW_cover_zpsa4e2df54.jpg
You gotta pay attention when it hits you, write it down” is one of many great lines you’ll hear in “Another Way”, the new track by Yamin Semali that welcomes in J-Live, Joe D., and Boog Brown into the mix, making a solid song unbreakable. You can thank Illastrate for that, and you can thank all of the MC’s within the mix for solidifying the song as a whole.

VIDEO: Jay Qwest featuring Boog Brown & Methuzulah’s “Offiseer”

Whiskey and Gun Powder (Elevated Press) is the forthcoming album from Jay Qwest due out on April 28th, and hearing this makes me wish this was pushed into the mainstream. You know what? Their loss. For you fans of rattan chairs, there’s one in here, and in a jail cell. Trust me, this track is hot and I hope people will celebrate this for the greatness that it is. Together, Jay Qwest, Boog Brown, and Methuzulah do this over a track by Illastrate

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Boog Brown’s “Shine (Nick Tha 1Da Remix)”

The Boogness is back. Boog Brown is here wit a slightly low-key video, keeping things simple when she decided to visualize the Nick Tha 1Da remix of “Shine”, but don’t let that low-key vibe fool you. If you like the song, you can download it for free via Bandcamp in the format of your choice.


Boog Brown has dropped a brand new single, and this one was produced by Georgia Anne Muldrow, and definitely reminds us about the true power of a lady on the mic, and in this case, a woman behind the boards. The single features two mixes of the song, with one kind of having a Bahamadia vibe, while the other sounding like something The RZA and Madlib would do together, only for The RZA to pass out and Madlib deleted all of RZA’s files.

One of these mixes can be found on the first in a series of 7″ 45’s to be released by Mello Music Group, and this one is limited to 300 copies. The single is for the song “My Love”, and this is the full track listing:

Side A
My Love (Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix)
Baby Girl (Prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
My Love Instrumental (Georgia Anne Muldrow)

You can order your copy from