VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Latryx’s “Call To Arms”

It may be Lei Day on this May Day, but in other parts of the United States and the world, there have been a few protests of interest, specifically from the Occupy movement. Arrests have been made in Seattle, Portland (Oregon) and other cities, but they’re not giving up. Perhaps it’s appropriate that Latryx have dropped a video for the Headnodic-produced track, “Call To Arms”, on this day. You can download the single for free directly from (32mb), and in case you’re wondering “wait, how come a single is 32mb?” it’s because the file is a zip (tested) that contains the following mixes of the song:
1) Album Version
2) Clean Version
3) Instrumental
4) A Capella

Get at/to it.

VIDEO: Soundgarden – Cornell + Tad Doyle & Tom Morello = TADGARDEN?!? Oh, and there’s Boots Riley!!!

People in Seattle are happy about the return of The Crocodile Cafe, and on Wednesday night fans were surprised to see a unique band bringing together Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd, plus Tom Morello and Tad Doyle. What song did they perform together? “Spoonman”. I’m a fan of Soundgarden, Tad, Rage Against The Machine, and Audioslave, so to see these elements together, plus a chance to hear what Tad would sound like fronting Soundgarden, is a trip. It reminds me of what the Seattle scene was/is like, where you could jam with whomever, whenever, and it still felt like family.

This show was a part of Morello’s Street Sweeper tour, and here he’s joined with Boots Riley of the hip-hop group The Coup performing M.I.A.‘s “Paper Planes”.