COVERED: Boz Scaggs vs. Jidenna

Boz Scaggs used to release albums with some of the most interesting album covers, some memorable, a few peculiar and arguably, the cover for his [i]Middle Man[/i] album was somewhat peculiar. Who is this lady in fishnets and a red bathing suit and what does it mean if he is the middle man? Does it mean he is deeply into things that are in the middle and of so, what middle specifically? No matter, it was a hit album partly due to the success of the single “Jojo” and it seemed Scaggs began the 1980’s on a good note.

Jidenna Mobisson simply creates music as Jidenna and after gaining a nice buzz in the last few years, he’s about to drop his debut solo album tomorrow called [i]The Chief[/i] and what does he do for the cover? He becomes the middle man and we’re about to see how much in the middle he will be getting in the years to come.

SOME STUFFS: Boz Scaggs’ 1969 Atlantic album gets the audiophile treatment

 photo BozScaggzAF_cover_zpsa686061d.jpg
Classic rock and oldies radio may focus on songs like “Lido”, “Lowdown”, “We’re All Alone”, and “Miss Sun” but there are many who fondly remember Boz Scaggs for his music before this. In fact, for some, he started his 1970’s legacy in 1969. Scaggs had spent some time with the Steve Miller Band before finding himself a home on Atlantic Records. Boz Scaggs may have seemed like an incredibly impressive debut but in truth, it was his second album, but it was with this LP that made him someone to pay attention to and look out for. With a bit of Atlantic Records clout, Scaggs was able to play with musicians who worked on music for Wilson Pickett and Aretha Franklin, including a young guitarist who was doing his share of session work at Atlantic simply to be heard, make some money, and play guitar. That guitarist was Duane Allman, and his work in “Loan Me A Dime” would become the centerpiece for not only Allman fans, but Scaggs fans as well. The Atlantic album may have been overshadowed by all the work Scaggs did for Columbia but there are many who will tell you that without the Atlantic album, the “hit” era might have never happened.

The new remaster on Audio Fidelity by Kevin Gray is a Hybrid SACD, which means it plays on both CD and SACD players. It is scheduled for release on December 17th, and you may pre-order it below via Amazon.