SOME STUFFS: Bread and Grover Washington Jr. to get the audiophile treatment in February

 photo AF_BreadGrover_zps0e328fbd.jpg
If you’re into soft rock or light jazz, you’ll want to know about two audiophile pressings coming from Audio Fidelity. The first is the greatest hits package The Best Of Bread, an album made in 1973 that features hits like “If”, “Baby I’m A Want You”, “Everything I Own” and many more. You may be able to find this album at countless thrift stores and yard sales but if you are a true fan of David Gates and the group, you will want this pressing.

The other album is a hit album by jazz saxophonist Grover Washington Jr., and while it may not be is more-prized albums on CTI, Winelight was a massive seller in 1980 primarily due to the song featuring singer Bill Withers, “Just The Two Of Us”.

Both CD’s, to be released on February 19th, are hybrid SACD’s featuring multi-channel mixes for both, with the Bread album being the first time the quadraphonic will be digitally released, and the Washington album getting a new 5.1 mix courtesy of Elliot Scheiner.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Wheat or White? | The Lexicon of Sustainability (from PBS Food)

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BOOK’S FOODIE: Smoked Trout and Goats Cheese Savory Muffins (from Bondi Harvest)

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