FREE MP3 DL: Tessela’s “Gateway (Jurassik More Beats Edit)”

Test your speakers as you can caught up on the bass power of Tessela, whose “Gateway” has been remixed by Jurassik. I can imagine dance floors getting wicked with this playing, DJ’s turning this into a non-stop anthem.

If you’d like to download it, you have to click to the Soundcloud page for details

SOME STUFFS: Bassnectar wants to “Take You Down”, and then he’ll take you higher like Eddy Grant

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Bassnectar will be releasing a new single two weeks from now called “Take You Down”. The digital EP will feature three more songs plus a remix of “Take You Down”. A glance at the track listing:
1. Take You Down
2. Expanded (with ill.Gates)
3. Raw Charles
4. Color Storm [2013 Remaster]
5. Take You Down [West Coast Lo Fi remix]

For now, have a listen to a new/special edit of “Take You Down”

Bassnectar is preparing himself for a bit of road travel, click here to have a look at his tour dates.


Retic photo Retic_cover_zpsce2ea0f9.jpg Sacramento artist Retic has released an electronic power house of an album that may not sound electronic at all, and far from being inhumane. It’s an 11-track recording called Flesh Farm and it sounds like the kind of music that, if it were to get into the hands of the right people, it would be hugely popular. Get someone to show support, get someone famous to remix it, or someone just to say “I am down with the sound of Retic, let’s get ridiculous with it”. This is the kind of dance music that should be sweeping the nation. Nothing against Daft Punk at all, but the world cannot live by Daft Punk alone. Pave a path for Retic.

(Flesh Farm is available as a free download and “Name Your Price” option, and for those prefer hard copy, it’s available as a limited edition compact disc.)

OBITUARY: r.i.p. Edwin “Eddie Bo” Bocage (September 20, 1930 – March 18, 2009)

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This is a sad one. One of the greatest New Orleans music legends died Wednesday night from an apparent heart attack at the age of 78. Eddie Bo may not have had the national or international fame as Fats Domino or even The Meters, but his hard work in rock’n’roll, blues, R&B, jazz, soul, and funk made him one of the hardest working men of the South for years. He was not only a singer, musician, and songwriter, but an entrepreneur, starting up a number of labels for his music and his own productions, and occasionally releasing records under pseudonyms. It had been said that James Brown changed his style of music when he heard and had seen what Bo did with his.

“Hook & Sling”, “Check Your Bucket”, “Lover And A Friend”, “We’re Doing It (The Thang) (Part 2)”, “From This Day On”, “Can You Handle It”, and countless others are songs that influenced a generation of hip-hop and electronica DJ’s and producers to tap into the sound of New Orleans and Louisiana, and of course Mr. Bocage.

Eternal gratitude for your contributions to the world of music, Eddie Bo. As you had said yourself in one of your songs, “Fare Thee Well”. r.i.p.

SOME STUFFS: Little Feat’s “Dixie Chicken” to get the MFSL treatment

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Growing up, Little Feat always had the most interesting covers. A piece of cake on a swing, a duck wearing nylons and garters, a gelatin mountain, and then there was the cover for Dixie Chicken. Over the years the woman on the cover, drawn by the late Neon Park, reminded me of actress Kirstie Alley, maybe it had that Playboy feel to it. Of course, the hands of the lady was not quite human at all. The album covers were the lure and would become their trademark for awhile, but it was the music that kept fans coming back and going to shows.

Dixie Chicken was their third album released in 1973 and while it appealed to rock fans, the purpose of the album was to honor the music and people of New Orleans. From a hip-hop perspective, the album did supply “Lose Yourself”, the intro beat of which has been used many times in the last 19 years. The name of the album also inspired a group of ladies from Texas to form their own band, The Dixie Chicks.

36 years later, Dixie Chicken gets the remastered treatment with the help of the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, who will release the album as an Ultradisc II™ 24 KT Gold CD in May, with most likely a vinyl counterpart to follow. Fans are able to pre-order the CD by clicking here. If you’re only familiar with “Lose Yourself” and not the rest of the album, find out what you’ve been missing: