VIDEO: Chelsea Wolfe makes room for ROOM 205 with performance of “Movie Screen”

Room 205 is a show on Incase that has been getting attention on various websites and blogs due to incredible performances from bands along with some cool visuals within, reminscent of the early days of MTV and when seeing a music performance video meant turning on your TV. The second season of Room 205 has started, and Chelsea Wolfe became the first guest to perform. The first performance to be presented comes in the form of “Movie Screen”, which you can watch below. She and her group also did “Pale On Pale”, and you’ll be able to see this next week Monday.

What I love about this is when Wolfe sings in the second half, her voice runs through some effects and at points, the voice cuts off so you don’t hear the full echo, reverb, or loop. Your mind thinks “wait, there’s supposed to be more” but you love how the voice just suspends abruptly, in a Meredith Monk-meets-Amy Lee fashion, and reminding me of the early 90’s duo Ether. Excellent.

REVIEW: Eccentric Breaks and Beats

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Sadly I haven’t received anything new from The Numero Group in a long time, I thought maybe they had gone under or something. That is, until this arrived. The cover looked like those cheap looking Ultimate Breaks & Beats albums from the 80’s, so there had to be a reason. Were Numero going hip-hop on us, or at least providing the sample tools for the next generation? I think if producers did, the music would be much funkier than it is now, but let me rewind a bit.

Apparently a DJ/producer created a megamix of sorts using music The Numero Group have released over the years, and then released it as a bootleg. People at The Numero Group became aware of it, and were ready to bust some heads (metaphorically speaking). However, what they discovered was a mix that was done quite well, not as just a random Spill The Beans-type snitch album. In the spirit of Frank Zappa, who had created the Beat The Boots series and just released the bootleg albums himself with exact cover art and incorrect track listings, The Numero Group bootlegged the bootlegger and come out winning.

Eccentric Breaks & Beats (Numbero) will sound familiar to soul and funk fans not because the songs used in these mixes are worn out gems, but because it sounds like home. The way these songs are looped and chopped show a care for the music and the production. It was discovered that these mixes were created by a production team called Shoes, and the way they put it together also shoes a love for sample-based music, and of course hip-hop, one of the target audiences for these mixes.

In a way, it’s a tribute album for if the source material was not hidden or forgotten, it would have become part of the pool of samples that are a part of hip-hop’s prime eras. If there is a movement to go back, one can ask how far you gonna go back? Way back, but Eccentric Breaks & Beats shows that by doing so, you’re also going into the future like Steve Miller.

It also doubles as a great sampler for what The Numero Group have done in their existence as a label, maybe they can make it a regular habit to find unknown and known DJ’s and producers to dip into their catalog on a semi-regular basis.

(Eccentric Breaks And Beats will be released on June 8th.)