BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Kodac aka M80’s “Foreign Affair”

 photo Kodac_cover_zps7624ea81.jpg Kodac aka M80 is a rapper with not only two names, but also mentions both of those names as part of his moniker, so when you hear him, known him as “Kodac aka M80”.

Kodac aka M80 released a new album yesterday called Foreign Affair, featuring the likes of DJ Drama, OneBeLow, Bronze Nazareth, DJ Odilon, DJ HC, Gwaii, Mpanga, Wakazi, Ciple, and Fanta Celah, but the name that stood out for me was Blue Raspberry, the lady who blessed a number of Wu-Tang songs in the mid-90’s. You can hear her in the song “Traveler’s Guide” and I hope this becomes a re-entry for her. The rest of Foreign Affair hopes up with a wide range of producers, MC’s, and singers so if you want to see what’s up and next for Kodac aka M80, have a listen.

AUDIO: Endemic featuring Masta Killa, Cappadonna & Bronze Nazareth’s “King’s Indian Attack”

 photo EndemicTIP2_cover_zps3cad7fb8.jpg
From Endemic’s Terminal Illness Part 2 album is “King’s Indian Attack”, a track that welcomes in Bronze Nazareth, Cappadonna, and Masta Killa. The album also features contributions from Planet Asia, Skyzoo, DJ Switch, Salute Da Kidd, Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Shabazz The Disciple, Bugsy Da God, Cyrus Malachi, Tesla’s Ghost, Ray Vendetta, Sav Killz, Prodigal Sunn, and William Cooper, and “King’s Indian Attack” is its fourth single. Get to it now.

REVIEW: Jaecyn Bayne’s “Audio Therapy”

Photobucket Jaecyn Bayne is a rapper that sounds like that around the way cat that you can rely on for quality rhymes and flows, and he shows what he’s about on his album Audio Therapy. The therapy involved includes a number of rock and blues-rock instrumentals that are nice to hear in this context, as Bayne is someone who wants to go on a journey and take listeners along with him, just as the music does. Then you get into a song like “Heat Stroke” that sounds like they found the ghost of the Kashmere Stage Band, added Cut Chemist‘s beat selection into the mix, and went crazy. Then things get elevated when Keith Murray starts rhyming in “Heat Stroke” and you want to raise your hand and go “SHIT YEAH!”

It’s nice to hear an MC who is able to be musically diverse without fear, because too many want to be locked in a comfort zone and never get out of it. Jaecyn Bayne is a journeyman, welcome him into your village.