AUDIO: Bruse Wane featuring Sean Price & Chris Rivers’ “Venom”

Bruse Wane is blasting fans across the nation with a new track called “Venom” and this one will take you to where you should be with quality hip-hop, courtesy of Chris Rivers and the late Sean Price. It’s taken from Bruse Wayne’s Earl Manigault Of Rap, released today and available below via

VIDEO/AUDIO: Bruse Wane featuring Sean Price’s “Beat Inside”

When you’re yelled at by your mom to run into the house, you don’t want to hear that scream followed by a belt buckle as you know you’re going to get beat inside. But this is not that type of song, Bruse Wane is not about that for this adventure, nor is Sean Price, who joins him in what they’re calling “Beat Inside” so in the words of Wane himself, chill, then relax.