FREE DL: Bike For Three!’s “Ethereal Love”

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It is certain that Bike For Three! will have a new album. What is uncertain at this time is the title for it. This will be decided at a later date but for now, you are being treated to a song from it called “Ethereal Love”. I’m already liking where this is going.

AUDIO: Bike For Three!’s “Full Moon”

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As Bike For Three! put together elements towards their next full length album, they’ve decided to share the one song that is complete. It’s called “Full Moon”, and the possibilities of this song are:
1) it could make you dance
2) it could make you think
3) it could make you use your rap hands
4) it could make you cry in a corner
5) it could help you lose yourself in an echo chamber

Find out if you can come up with your own possibilities.

FREE DL: Bike For Three!’s “More Heart Than Brains Instrumentals”

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If you are a fan of the 2009 Bike For Three! project More Heart Than Brains, you might have been someone who said “man, I wish Buck 65 and Greetings From Tuskan would have dropped an instrumental version of this. You’re now in luck, as More Heart Than Brains Instrumentals has been made available for all to listen to and download for free. You’re now able to take a deeper listen to the instrumentals that were created, which is very much of value, however… you’re getting it for free.

VIDEO: Buck 65’s “Zombie Delight (official ‘lyric’ video)”

What you see here is a new video by Buck 65, but not the proper video. Instead, it’s a collage of images and lyrics that is meant to be a way for fans to hear the song. It also serves as a trailer of sorts for the actual video, which is scheduled to premiere this weekend (March 11-14th) at I generally hate trailers for videos, especially when the music video serves as the trailer by default, but as a Buck 65 fan I’ll make an exception.

REVIEW: Bike For Three’s “More Heart Than Brains”

free image hosting This is the continuation of more musical adventures with Buck 65, and when he’s not making country fried hip-hop for a documentary about truckers, he’s going to look for new musical textures to find a new place to stay. Bike For Three brings him together with producer Joëlle Phuong Minh Lê of Greetings From Tuskan, but this unity is only through sound, since as of this writing they have yet to meet. But when you hear More Heart Than Brains (Anticon) it sounds like they’re a couple made for each other. Together they flirt and tickle each other’s senses to create one of those albums that some might not call hip-hop, but by doing that it becomes more hip-hop than ever.

Or does it?

The album is being called Buck 65’s first foray into an all electronic production, consider this his version of Gnarls Barkley or simply something to add to Buck 65’s already impressive discography. In a track like “Nightdriving” it is not about an automobile as a vehicle but the shell that he calls self as he travels from one unknown destination to another:

Ten to 2 and the highway’s divided
Don’t look back – my way’s decided
Milk’s been spilt, the wall’s been built
Bones like glass and painted-over guilt
Unanswered questions I fed on in prison
Opposite fears in head-on collision
I am the passenger: passionate, ill-at-ease
Silver teeth and psychic abilities
Roots and wires. Evens and odds
Degrees of perfection. Demons and gods
The loneliest hunter, fists in his pockets
Waits and distances, pistons and rockets
No going back. Black afternoons and red nights
Lost in thought and caught in the headlights
Into the unknown, I better arrive
I can’t tell if I’m dead or alive

He continues on this path towards self-preservation and self-discovery, and by the end it feels as if he’s still in the same place even though his journey had taken him around the world. Maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it had to be a Canadian collaborating with a Belgian to reveal how much of hip-hop is not hip-hop these days. In other words, the students are prospering more than the teachers, and it’s the kind of album that outshines almost everyone. Hip-hop and electronic collaborations are nothing new, for hip-hop has been an electronic-based music for decades. More Heart Than Brains, in retrospect, could have a double meaning, if you remembered what that means.

Get it?

REVIEW: D-Sisive’s “Let The Children Die”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic This album has been out for awhile but I wasn’t able to get to it until now, but here I am. D-Sisive is one of the more spirited and gifted MC’s out there today and each time he comes out with a new project, he takes it to new levels which makes him someone you either want to go on the journey with, or wait until you’re ready. On Let The Children Die he steps out of his comfort zone to explore other worlds, topics, and… basically the guy steps way out and takes everything in like a sponge, just like hip-hop at its best. The album is a diary of sorts, or at least a diary in context of the album, and it’s someone who at times gets quite dark in tone while creating anthemic tracks and head-nodders whose topics aren’t what you’d normally hear in the genre. He is an explorer, and whether he meets up with Dora, Muneshine, Conscience, Guilty Simpson, or Buck 65, he brings them on his individual trips and ends up making his journeys all that more unique and special.

It’s quality hip-hop, that’s all you need to know.

SOME STUFFS: The road welcomes Themselves

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Photo by Mathew Scott © copyright Anticon Records.

You may know of Doseone and Jel and because of that, you may know of Themselves. They are heading on tour again, and as you anticipate them, you can download their brand new album for free. It’s called theFREEhoudini and you can download it now by heading to

As you let their sounds get into your pores, take a look at where they’re headed:

07/23 Seattle, WA Chop Suey
07/24 Portland, OR Doug Fir
07/26 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge
07/28 Visalia, CA The Cellar Door
07/29 Los Angeles, CA Spaceland
07/30 San Diego, CA Brick by Brick
08/01 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill

Check them.