AUDIO: Audible Doctor’s “Can’t Keep The People Waiting” (EP)

The Audible Doctor released an EP earlier this week and you can have a listen to it in full right here, in the form of Can’t Keep The People Waiting. It’s eight songs of newness featuring the likes of Guilty Simpson, Consequence, Astro, Hassaan Mackey, John Robinson, and Bumpy Knuckles. Listen to it and if it grooves with you, you may buy it via iTunes.

AUDIO: Audible Doctor featuring Bumpy Knuckles’ “The Beast”

Bumpy Knuckles pops up in an excellent new production by Audible Doctor and together, they create a masterpiece-to-be called “The Beast”, so consider this the number, the one for you and yes, even me. This will become a selection on Audible Doctor’s forthcoming EP, Can’t Keep The People Waiting.