AUDIO: Butch Bastard’s “Waiting For A Hot Pocket”

 photo ButchBastard_old_zpsjphkpfhx.png
Ian Murray calls himself Butch Bastard and that’s not an insult. What’s also not an insult is you taking time to listen to his new song that has to do with something that is a delicious dish for some. He wants you to know what it means to be “Waiting For A Hot Pocket”, a story that will be on his forthcoming album that he primarily did himself, with minimal help from good friends. Maybe you can become a good friend of him too after hearing this.

SOME STUFFS: Butch Bastard getting out of his bedroom and into your heart

Butch Bastard is a name that may bring to mind a number of different things but in this case, it’s a guy whose real name is Ian Murray, who is a singer/songwriter/musician/producer and a number of other different things. You may know Murray for his time with Poor Man but this Los Angeles man is now Butch Bastard, no longer Seattle bound. By watching this, you may say “he sounds like a bedroom producer” and rightfully so but get to know him and you’ll discover he’s much more than that.