RECORD CRACK: Suburbia to release a 4 record 7″ box set

 photo Suburbia_cover_zpse3567eaf.jpg
The Brooklyn-based collective Suburbia will be releasing a limited edition 7″ box set featuring four records, combining a total of seven different bands offering some very nice rock, punk, and hardcore. The box will feature new and exclusive songs from Earworms, Half Hearted Hero, By Surprise, Broadcaster, Luther, Timeshares, and The Saddest Landscape, while Pet Symmetry are contributing alternative versions of songs they’ve released before. 100 copies will be pressed on clear vinyl and will be packaged in a screen-printed box featuring live shots of the bands playing at the Suburbia house. The box will also contain a sticker and a koozie for you to drink a beverage of choice while listening. Each record in the box. which will team up two bands, will also be sold individually on standard black vinyl, only 200 copies of that pressing will be made.

The goal of Suburbia, which started two years ago, is to create a performance space to help out touring bands, be it local, regional, or incoming groups. It’s a way for the groups to strengthen their communities and also to network in a way that other venues and clues may not offer or have offered before. If you’d like to find out more about Suburbia, you may check this article from September 2014. To pre-order the 4×7″ box set, you may click here.