FREE MP3 DL: C Wells’ “Mind Games”

In hip-hop these days it may be difficult to find a rapper who is willing to drop the true shit but for C Wells, he does lyrics that can not only be true, but he says it in the lyrics, even if they double as “Mind Games”. Those games are explored in his new song produced by Chris Nevers. C Wells is from Lynn, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes north of Boston and while home is attention to him, please pay attention to what he’s saying.

VIDEO/FREE MP3 DL: C Wells’ “Made In America”

 photo CWells_old_zps52b4aeb7.jpg
The only thing I didn’t like about C Wells’ new video for his great track “Made In America” was the use of the Zapruder film. I understand why it was used due to the nature of the song but showing what they showed for a specific reason was not to my liking. Other than that, blank that out of your head and put this song in your mind system, as C Wells talks about the nation of the United States as we know it, and why it sometimes blows itself. The song was produced by Chris Nevers. If you would prefer to just hear the song without seeing any part of the Zapruder film, press the Soundcloud player below and/or download the song for free, while supplies last.