AUDIO: R.F.C. (Smoke DZA) featuring A$AP Rocky & Cam’ron’s “Errthang Valid (Remix)”

Lots of people in this song by R.F.C., which focuses on member Smoke DZA in a remix of “Errthang Valid”, which also features Cam’ron and A$AP Rocky back to back like a Snack Pack in a metal can, you know? This will be on R.F.C.’s forthcoming album The Outsiders.

VIDEO: Cam’ron & A-Trak’s “Dipshits”

Feeling that the 1990’s are no more, and you miss the era of Dipset supremacy? Maybe that time in hip-hop is long dead but Cam’ron wants to prove everything to the youngin’s and the old folks, and so did A-Trak, who joined Cam’ron and full on furs in a song they sarcastically call “Dipshiots”, showing that the Dipset mentality can still be alive despite the burden of a big bag of wet hamburger buns.

FREE MP3 DL: Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr, Cam’ron’s “Eat, Sleep, Dipset, Repeat (Vass Remix)”

 photo FatboySlimCam_cover_zps3f40b5a2.jpg
This is the message I received about this song:
Wee replaced all the vocals of Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr’s Eat, Sleep, Dipstep, Repeat with a couple of Cam’ron’s most ignorant interviews.

That’s it. It’s now a song, it may become a hit song, I don’t know, it is for you and only you to decide. It was put together by the Floridian brotherly duo, Vass, whose other works can be heard by jumping on their Soundcloud feeling.