REVIEW: Carpenter’s “Sea To Sky”

Photobucket Carpenter play tight, pop-friendly indie rock that has the structure of a pop song but does so in an aggressive manner. It could be borderline pop, but it’s pop appreciation from afar without tipping into the scariness of piercings and stereotypes non-punks just don’t understand. Sea To Sky (Gold Stockk) is a 10-song album that’s a little over 33 minutes, but one that packs a lot of punch. They are a part of a bold and strong indie scene up in Vancouver, BC, and I feel they have the kind of lasting power that a lot of jaded American bands tend to admire, because there’s less of the attitude of wanting to be, and more of a confidence in just doing.

In fact, all of these songs have the kind of confidence and lasting power that would make this last on the charts if the charts were based on fan support and not on fixed rates. I think their shows sound like the crowd chants heard in “Common Law”, and if these guys are able to tour their asses off and spread the word about who they are, they may be able to make the 10’s their decade.