SOME STUFFS: “Jettison The Valley” is title of Carter Tanton’s album due in March

Photo by Ebru Yildiz
Carter Tanton photo CarterTanton_old_zpsxj7oh0zn.jpg
1. “Twentynine Palms”
2. “Fresh Faced Claire”
3. “The Long Goodbye”
4. “Poison In The Dart”
5. “Jettison The Valley”
6. “330”
7. “The Dressmaker’s Girl”
8. “Through The Garden Gates”
9. “Diamonds In The Mine”

The above song titles are selections that will be on Carter Tanton’s next album, Jettison The Valley, due out on the 4th of March on Western Vinyl and you’re able to hear a song from it right now. It’s a cut he did with Sharon Van Etten called “Twentynine Palms”, please have a listen. The vocal harmonies they share throughout is perfect, hinting at what the rest of the album will sound like.