FREE DL: L’Orange & Stik Figa featuring Rapsody & Castle’s “Before Midnight (Billie Holiday Remix)”

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The City Under The City (Mello Music Group) is a new album by L’Orange & Stik Figa and you may have heard the track they did where they brought in North Carolina MC Rapsody for the song “Before Midnight”. If you liked it, you are sure to enjoy this. It’s a remix of the track that also brings in Castle and on top of that, it’s a Billie Holiday Remix. No, there isn’t a new producer using the Billie Holiday name but when you listen, it will make sense. The remix is free to download, share this post with everyone you know.

FREE DL: Castle’s “Fool’s Errand (The Quelle Chris Remixathon)”

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Castle already has some impressive music out now, but get Quelle Chris to handle a remix and it will raise an eyebrow, in real life or metaphorically. Chris was given a chance to remix “Fool’s Errand” and… well, listen for yourself.

Castle’s album Gasface is out now via Mello Music Group.

FREE DL: Castle’s “Opium (Blueprint Remix)”

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Castle has released a new album today through Mello Music Group called Gasface, but you’re able to download the bonus track for free. Not only that, but this is a remix by Blueprint, so you know it has to be extra-good by default.

SOME STUFFS: Castle has “Krillz”, and he’s passing it to you

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If a gas face was given to you, would you beg to differ? If it was the new album by Castle, would you still differ? You may want to change your answer on that one. As a new member of Mello Music Group’s roster, the man will be releasing his album called GasFace on July 23rd, and as a preview of that slab o’ music, you may download “Krillz” for free while supplies last.