SOME STUFFS: Sophomore splendor to come from SoftSpot with new album

SoftSpot photo SoftSpot_old_zpse03ca9d5.jpg
Brooklyn’s SoftSpot have a new album due out on April 8th called MASS (self-released), which could either mean the music is comparable to a church service or its sound is quite large, massive if you will. They’ve decided to share a track to keep the anticipation for it moist, have a listen to “King Porus”.

While you listen, also look over some forthcoming shows SoftSpot have scheduled, including one this week at Shea Stadium.

February 28… Brooklyn, NY – Shea Stadium *
March 11… New York, NY – Pianos #
March 22… Brooklyn, NY – Little Skips (after hours party)
May 3… Winooski, VT – Waking Windows Festival

* = w/ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Great Valley and Cigarette
# = w/ Celestial Shore

VIDEO: Weaves’ “Take A Dip”

With CMJ on their minds this week, Weaves prepared a video by heading into a church and/or temple for musical worship with their video “Take A Dip” and when I dip, you dip, we dip, including Weaves.

You may or may not see them in clothes of worship this week, but if you are in NYC, find out where they’re playing and with whom… well, below:

October 15… Brooklyn, NY (Ran Tea House (Force Field PR showcase) {8:00pm} *
October 18… New York, NY (Santos Party House (Rice + Cheese showcase) {8:00pm} #

* = w/ Joanna Gruesome, The History of Apple Pie, Celestial Shore, etc.
# = w/ Saul Williams, Odonis Odonis & HSY

SOME STUFFS: Pattern Is Movement share the A-side to their new 12″ single

After having a bit of fun with their cover of D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”, Pattern Is Movement is getting down to business. While their homage to the music of Michael “D’Angelo” Archer can be found as the B-side to their new single, it’s the new single in question they want to push. “Suckling” is the A-side to their new 12″ single, and you may have a listen to them in a state of glory below. The single is available for pre-order directly from

They are heading to CMJ next week, then will do two more shows before heading back to their HQ. Catch them if their music appeals to you:

October 16… Brooklyn, NY (Union Pool) *
October 17… New York, NY (Webster Hall) #
October 19… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands) &
October 24… Philadelphia, PA (Union Transfer) +
November 7… Stony Brook, NY (Stony Brook University)

* Hometapes/Team Clermont CMJ Showcase w/ Celestial Shore, Leverage Models & more
# w/ Menomena and Helio Sequence
& w/ Hospitality, The Building
+ w/ The Spinto Band, Norwegian Arms, Worshyper, WYYLDSTYLE DJs

VIDEO: Celestial Shore’s “Hour Minute”

The video for Celestial Shore’s “Hour Minute” may seem silly, but I think it’s child-like, simply because there are children in it and there are times when I wish I could go back to a time when life was a bit bit more simple and the only puzzles we had to deal with were those we found in the classroom. Maybe Celestial Shore understands this. The song is from their debut album 10x (Hometapes/Local Singles), out now.

The group will be doing a small handful of shows in coming weeks:
September 29… Brooklyn, NY (Knitting Factory) %
October 4… Brooklyn, NY (The Grand Victory)
October 12… New York, NY (Bowery Electric (CBGB Festival)) ^
October 14… New York, NY (Le Poisson Rouge) &
October 15-19… New York, NY (CMJ)
October 28… Brooklyn, NY (Death By Audio) #

% w/ Darwin Deez, Caged Animals
^ w/ Arto Lindsay, Saint Rich, Callers
& w/ Luke Temple
# w/ Jacco Gardner

SOME STUFFS: “10x” is streaming in full, Celestial Shore love sharing

The album will be released in just six days (September 3rd for those of you who aren’t reading this at the time of posting), but Celestial Shore have decided to share their Hometapes/Local Singles album 10x as a full blooded stream, and it’s being made available to everyone by heading to Pitchfork.

The band just finished playing a show in Brooklyn, but will return again next week. This is where they’ll be performing next:
September 6… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands) *
September 7… Stanhope, NJ (Stanhope House) *
October 15-19… New York, NY (CMJ)

* = w/ Delicate Steve

SOME STUFFS: Celestial Shore pass along that “Swimmer’s Sinking Feeling”

 photo CelestialShore_old_zps1665cd93.jpg
We are three weeks away from the release of Celestial Show’s 10x album on Hometapes/Local Singles, and many can’t wait to buy it. There will be no riots or weird gatherings before hand, but what will be done is a lot of listening to a song the band have shared for everyone, called “Swimmer’s Sinking Feeling”.

Before the album hits stores of the digital and brick & mortal denominations, some time will be spent on the boulevard of live shows, as I originally reported here. While all of the shows will be in New York City, they will not be performances on the same “road”, but if you’re in the area, you may know where these places are. If not, the internet is your guide:

August 20… New York, NY (Pianos)
August 22… Brooklyn, NY (The Silent Barn)
August 23… Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda’s)
August 27… Brooklyn, NY (Knitting Factory) #
September 6… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands) *
September 7… Stanhope, NJ (Stanhope House) *
October 15-19… New York, NY (CMJ)

* = w/ Delicate Steve
# = w/ Boyfrndz

VIDEO: Celestial Shore’s “Valerie”

10x (Hometapes/Local Singles) is what Celestial Shore have named their forthcoming album, ready for release on September 3rd. The Brooklyn-based trio have a number of shows coming up, including one on August 2nd at the Wassaic Project Festival, but they also have a video that serves as a means to promote the album-to-come. The song is called “Valerie” and you may not watch and listen, and maybe sing-along right after. The video was directed by Rachel Thompson.

August 2… Wassaic, NY (The Wassaic Project Festival)
August 20… New York, NY (Pianos)
August 22… Brooklyn, NY (The Silent Barn)
August 23… Philadelphia, PA (Johnny Brenda’s)
August 27… Brooklyn, NY (Knitting Factory) #
September 6… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands) *
September 7… Stanhope, NJ (Stanhope House) *
October 15-19… New York, NY (CMJ)

* = w/ Delicate Steve
# = w/ Boyfrndz

You may also listen to some of Celestial Shore’s previous works by heading to their Bandcamp page. The vinyl and CD versions of 10x can be pre-ordered below from Amazon.

SOME STUFFS: Brooklyn trio Celestial Shore signed by Portland, OR label

 photo CelestialShore_old_zpscd3c120b.jpg
Celestial Shore of Brooklyn recorded their 10x album during the winter, but they and their music are making it known by releasing it in late summer. The trio’s debut album will be released on the Portland-based Hometapes label, and will be a co-release with Local Singles, based up the I-5 in Tacoma, Washington. While you may not expect an indie pop band to explore jazz, this is exactly what they do in a number of songs on 10x, and they will have fun presenting it to you in album form, and with a small handful of shows this summer in NYC. Pick a date, then bring a date to rock out with these guys, and some of their musical friends:

June 18… New York, NY (Mercury Lounge) #
July 4… Queens, NY (Rippers)
July 5… Brooklyn, NY (Silent Barn) (Gigawatts Festival)
July 14… Brooklyn, NY (Manhattan Inn) +
July 21… New York, NY (Pianos
September 6… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands) @

# w/ Syd Arthur
+ w/ OneOne (Satomi from Deerhoof)
@ w/ Delicate Steve

You may now listen to a song from the album, called “Valerie”, and if you like it, you may check out another track called “Stairs Under Stars” by heading to