SOME STUFFS: Céu to enter North America this summer for concerts

With a new album (Caravana Sereia Bloom) on the way, Céu will be making the rounds, a nice way of saying she will be going on tour in North America in support of it:

June 9 – Princeton, NJ – Pettoranello Gardens Amphitheater
June 10 – New York, NY – Highline Ballroom
June 12 – Washington, DC – 6th & I Historic Synagogue
June 14 – Chicago, IL – Double Door
June 15 – Dakota Jazz Club – St. Paul, MN
June 17 – Denver, CO – Bluebird Theater
June 19 – Phoenix, AZ – Musical Instrument Museum
June 20 – Solana Beach, CA – Belly Up Tavern
June 21- Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theatre
June 22 – San Francisco, CA – Herbst Theatre (SF Jazz)
June 25 – Seattle, WA – The Triple Door
June 26 – Vancouver, BC – Rio Theatre
June 28 – Allston, MA – Brighton Music Hall

The album is a travel-related album that moved her to create the songs that are on it, so allow her to travel to your city and into your hearts. It’s a good thing.

VIDEO: Céu’s “Retrovisor”
Caravana Sereia Bloom is the forthcoming third album from vocalist Céu due out on April 3rd, an album that comes from a wide range of musical and lyrical sources. For this new album, it is said that she is trying to expand her horizons but not to where she completely alienates her fans. What you’ll see below is the first video from the album in the form of “Retrovisor”. As you will hear, expansion is a good thing.

SOME STUFFS: Herbie Hancock to release new album, followed by a tour that coincides with his 70th birthday

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Herbie Hancock had covered a lot of musical ground in the last 45 years, moving in and out of jazz and pop, influencing electronic music in his own way, and also become a part of hip-hop’s legacy. Now, as he enters his 70th year in life, he will be releasing an album that has been years in the making, a concept that brings him together with many artists around to world to celebrate music and life. He calls this The Imagine Project, scheduled for release on June 22, 2010 via Hancock Records/RED.

You’ll no doubt hear about these songs for the next three months, so let me just post a partial list of the people who are collaborating with on this album:
Anoushka Shankar
Chaka Khan
Wayne Shorter
Marcus Miller
Jeff Beck
The Chieftains
Derek Trucks
Susan Tedeschi
Dave Matthews

For this album, Hancock recorded and collaborated in Mumbai, India; São Paulo. Brazil; London, Miami, and Ireland. He could have easily collaborated via e-mail, transferring digital files back and forth, but the chemistry that is an important part of Hancock’s music would not be there, so everyone was able to see each other face to face and perform.

The album will be promoted in a number of ways, including a documentary film, and a concert tour. In time, all will be revealed in the months ahead.

REVIEW: Céu’s “Vagarosa”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The new album by Brazilian singer Céu shows that there’s a lot to modern day Brazilian music that most people don’t know about. Perhaps the perception is that the music is still stuck in “The Girl From Ipanema” land when it has always been alive and vibrant. The African influence is a staple of much of Brazil’s music, but you also hear a bit of American soul in her voice, as one will hear in Vagarosa (Six Degrees).

The album begins with a brief interlude as the sound of record crackle moves in, perhaps a hint to the ways of the past. Then we hear the future, one Céu is proud to be a part of. These songs are sensual and moving as they should be, but at times you’ll hear shades of Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, and other vocalists without making the kind of crossover music that might move her into a new direction. Songs like “Ponteiro”, “Papa”, “Bubula”, and “Nascente” are soothing enough to make you wish you were visiting the beaches of Brazil, but you may want to sample its other inner beauties.

To say an album is “modern” doesn’t exactly mean “contempoary” in the American music sense. It is said that some musical genres do not age well, and stay within its own self-made boundaries. Brazilians aren’t known to be dormant, and the same can be said about the energy to take this music forward, without forgetting what came before it. Céu should be a world superstar, but hopefully the spotlight will not take her away from her roots and desire to uplift her people, as her singing does throughout hew new album.