FREE MP3 DL: HoneyChrome’s “Machine”

HoneyChrome photo HoneyChrome_old_zpshpllfkmb.jpg
Chillwave extraordinaire HoneyChrome is ready to release an EP called All The Right Places but not just yet, he has to build up steam to let people know about it. You’re hear, so get yourself familiar with a song from it called “Machine”, so welcome. It’s a free download, while supplies last.

AUDIO: Terracotta Blue’s “DreamVintage (Part 1)”

It’s only one part of a song, which means there is another (or more) on the way. I speak of Terracotta Blue, who is bringing “DreamVintage” into the new year for you and all. If you’re really into it, purchase the track below via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: New split cassette from Telecaves and Walter Gross
IF you’re looking to listen to something edgy and experimental this weekend, you’ll want to get a new split release between Telecaves and Walter Gross. The EP is a 33 minute cassette featuring three tracks from Telecaves and four from Walter Gross, ranging in everything from drone to found sound and musique concrete, so if you are someone who is willing to explore sounds and have the sounds explore your inner self, you’ll want to check this. Only 100 copies are being made on cassette, with 50 copies packaged in a green shell, the remaining 50 in a black shell. You may stream it in full below with the Bandcamp player above.

AUDIO: Damn Right’s “Halo”

While this song was initially highlighted on February 26th, I wasn’t made aware of it until today, a little after two months. You may have heard the song during the first season of Comedy Central’s great Broad City, but now Damn Right wants to give you a better listen of “Halo” by clicking the Soundcloud player above. Is this chillwave? Dreampop? Baf boof? Maybe all three, or maybe just nice pop. You’ll be able to hear more when the Frozen Sun album is released on May 19th.

AUDIO: Box Of Wolves’ “Let’s Start Again”

 photo BoxOfWolves_old_zpsf7ca708b.jpg
Disco? Dance? Chillwave? Whatever you feel like calling, it’s best to know his name: Gabriel Akinrinmade. If this name of this Canadian producer is difficult to remember at first or pronounce, you may also call him Box Of Wolves. He just released an EP called Let’s Start Again (Electronic Rumors) and he makes the kind of music that will pull in listeners and keep them in a dream state, never wanting to wake out of it. The EP features three more mixes of the song and a B-side called “Hello”. If you’d like to hear those mixes, you may do so.

FREE MP3 DL: Phoenix’s “Trying To Be Cool (Silver Swans Remix)”

Phoenix photo PhoenixTTBC_cover_zpsa8506130.jpg
There are times when all you need is to look at the album cover or graphics that is used as a sleeve and go “oh, this is what I’m about to listen to? Maybe I’ll pass” or “oooh, I must check this remix out”. Sometimes that’s all you need, when you are satisfied with a graphic. So here’s the graphic. Below: the song.

(BTW: If you want to create your own remix of the song, you may do so through the stems available at Soundcloud.)

FREE MP3 DL: Cristallin’s “Grand Combin (Cass. Rework)”

Cristallin photo CristallinGC_cover_zps569e1f36.jpg
Cass. has created a remix for Cristallin, and the song in question is called “Grand Combin”. It is a brilliant exploration into the electronic unknown, but once the beat kicks in, it all becomes known. Or maybe it’s the soothing synth intro that makes the sonic surroundings familiar. It could easily be the outro but by the time you’ve figured out, you realize you have embraced the song in full. Or perhaps the song has embraced you.

REVIEW: Brothertiger’s “Golden Years”

Photobucket If you were around in the early 1980’s, you will no doubt have a fondless for television, movie, and cartoon theme songs, along with those catchy melodies from video games. This is what Brothertiger have done on their Golden Years (Mush) album, creating music that would’ve sounded great during a raunchy disco scenen on Miami Vice or a movie introduction with Mary Stuart Masterson playing air drums in her room.

Basically, it sounds dated on purpose, but one can also describe it as being “appropriately distant”, ina good way. If you weren’t around back then, you will hear an innocence in these tracks that might sound like music you hear in a favorite movie loved by your parents. But that innocence comes from simply playing the music they loved, with love. Within this music are hints of yacht rock, pop soul, new wave, and dance music, which are all popular today in different forms. The reason why this type of sound and production works today is because of that innocence people look and/or long for in music and in life, it’s creativity without complication or concern, it’s just fun to listen to. As the lyrics to “Wind At My Back” say, you can dance the night away and not worry. So don’t. Then do.

(Golden Years will be released on March 27th.)

Brothertiger – Lovers from Mush Records on Vimeo.