SOME STUFFS: Anamanaguchi go on tour with Peelander-Z as they head to SXSW

Anamanaguchi has been talked about in small digitized circles, but it may get to a point where you’re going to see them everywhere. Maybe. You can help by checking them out when they go on tour with Peelander-Z, and both will be making performances during this year’s SXSW. Either way, you’re going to see and enjoy them.

Another reason to go to their shows is to pick up the first of a number of 7″ singles they will be releasing this year. First one will be for the song “Airbrushed“.

Anamanaguchi | A Take Away Show | Airbrushed from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Inverse Phase’s “Fucked 6502” (8-bit Cee-Lo cover)

Cee-Lo has been very fortunate in that people are covering his songs like, um, crazy. Here is yet another cover of his latest hit, “Fuck You”, and this time it’s brought back to 1981. It was created by Inverse Phase and is called “Fucked 6502”, and it will bring back memories of the Commodore VIC-20 or the Nintendo Game Boy. 8-bit funk is always nice. You can purchase the song as a 320kbps MP3, lossless FLAC, or a number of other file times by heading to

The song has been out since September, but didn’t notice it until tREBLEFREE posted it and made it aware to me.

SOME STUFFS: Miles Davis enters the “bloop”

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So what if Miles Davis grew up in the late 70’s or early 80’s and felt a need to make some incredible music with friends by using the same technology that made old table-top video games, Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, and Game Boys? If you’ve made it this far, then you know that there’s already a genre of music that caters to this called chiptunes. What would happen if you combined Davis with 8-bit music? Blasphemous, or pure lo-fi genius?

This project was released a few months ago but I was not made aware of it until this week, but it’s a song-for-song recreation of Davis’ Kind Of Blue album, but done in chiptune form and called Kind Of Bloop. It was created by Andy Baio, the man behind, and, and as Ast0r, Baio has made a number of chiptunes so for Kind Of Bloop he collaborated with fellow 8-bit music enthusiasts to create a note-for-note revision of one of the most well known jazz albums. It’s really cool, but will probably upset jazz purists. Show some support.