BOOK’S FOODIE: Hackershake for Easter (from Tastemade)

This is something you do not want to have every day or every week. Hell, you wouldn’t want it every month but if you can handle it, make one. Just in time for Eastern, it’s a milk shake called Hackershake, which utilizes the Cadbury Creme Egg. Sounds insane? Wait until you watch how one is made.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Giant Toblerone Bar Challenge (from Freak Eating)

I’m not into binge eating for the sake of eating a lot for sport, but occasionally I like to see people make complete fools out of themselves, I’m not going to lie. There’s a channel called Freak Eating that does everything from eating 10 pounds of pizza to eating the world’s hottest candy. For this video, someone eats a giant Toblerone bar, which may not sound like a big deal but keep in mind that a giant Toblerone is about 2000 calories, or roughly 10 Kit Kat’s. Let’s see you do that for fun. The Freak Eating channel has close to 450 videos as of this writing so if this is the type of stuff you enjoying watching, check it out.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Girl Eats Food – Getting High on Chocolate (from Vice)

From Vice comes a new episode of Girl Eats Food, and is there a way to get high from chocolate? Maybe not a genuine high but then again, you know how those scientific studies are. You eat a couple of big bars and it’s a gateway to more chocolate and hashish, maybe together. I do not know. Is this meant to be comedic? Informative? Sexy? Yes, maybe, perhaps, I still don’t know. Find out what happens.

BOOK’S FOODIE: The benefits of eating chocolate (from

The benefits of eating chocolate? WHAT?! I like exploring chocolate when I can, but as with all foods, it has to be done in moderation and of course, within your budget, because some of the chocolates out now can be fairly pricey. Dietician Ashley Koff was interviewed for The Daily Meal to talk about what some of those benefits are, and how to select a good chocolate, along with knowing the difference between a good and bad one, especially for the money. Unfortunately, the embed option wasn’t made available for this so you’ll have to click here to view this six minute video.

Wearing this T-shirt may be a good thing to share your chocolate obsessions.
I'm On A Chocolate Diet photo ChocolateDiet_T_zps1b749777.jpg
I'm On The Chocolate Diet photo ChocolateDiet_T-design_zps25de5f0c.jpg

BOOK’S FOODIE: Chocolate Truffles (Raw. Vegan. Not Gross)

The Tastemade channel on YouTube has a lot of delights, and this is just one of the them, and the latest. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, you know you have to go through a lot to please your sweet tooth but fear not. If you have a need to have some chocolate truffles in your life, you can make them by using the recipe shown in this video.

BOOK’S FOODIE: Paulette Goto on how to temper chocolate

Paulette Goto is a pastry chef, and if you’re a fan of cooking and food-related shows and may recognize her, she’s one of the people you’ll see on Cooking Channel‘s Unique Sweets. That’s how I became familiar with her, for not only does she share her views of the sweets that are presented, but she’s funny. Put all of that together, and I was sold.

Goto just posted a link to this on her Twitter account, and this will be very helpful for any of you who deal with chocolate and cooking with it on a regular basis. I am far from a chef, but I enjoy making pies, so this will serve as helpful tips, perhaps a quick reminder, and something that’s humorous (but serious) and entertaining.

View her other videos on her YouTube channel, click here for a look.