REVIEW: The Chris Crocco Fluid Trio +’s self titled album

Photobucket Guitarist Chris Crocco is the leader of his own trio, or in this case Trio+, as it is his trio with an additional musician. Regardless of the lineup or who takes lead at any given time, you are always aware (or should be) that Crocco’s laid back jazz vibe is in your presence with the kind of playing that puts you in a nightclub with the sexiest women around, waiting for you to make the initiative until they wrap their fishnet-clad legs around your head. Yes, this is that kind of jazz, and you’re welcome to smell its aroma.

Along with Crocco, there’s George Garzone on sax, Peter Slavov on bass, and Francisco Mela on drums. Together, they create the blood, sweat, and tears that is their music as a unit, but also allow each other to breathe so they can each have their moments, as they all do throughout the albums 10 songs. While this is jazz that could take place anywhere, it has a New York feel where things move as they will, opportunities come and go, and things linger with their own characteristics, just like the musicians who create the mental scenarios. Whether you put this on with a red light in the room or as potential lullabies, this is jazz you never want to keep far away from you.

(Personal favorites; “Heaven”, “Spiec Mine”, “My Own Personak Wake”, and “Avenge”.)