VIDEO: Quelle Chris’ “Nothing Moves”

We know of (or you should know of) the phenomenon of “jazz hands” but do you know what “rap hands” are? Quelle Chris wants to let you know in a video that he says is “a tribute to rap hands”. It’s called “Nothing Moves”, a song on the Innocent Country album on Mello Music Group he did with Chris Keys. The video was directed by Da Dreak, so check out what Mr. Dreak has done and have a blast.

SOME STUFFS: Quelle Chris to release an album with producer Chris Keys

Quelle Chris will be releasing a new album on Mello Music Group that is a collaboration with producer Chris Keys. Mark July 10th to be able to pick up or hear Innocent Country, but at this very moment you’ll be able to check out two of its songs, one of which can be downloaded for free. The free song is called “I Asked God” but you’ll also be able to stream “Nothing Moves” as well, so get your double Chris satisfaction and give it a shot.

AUDIO: Quelle Chris’ “Super Fuck”

 photo QuelleChris_cover_zps77080aae.jpg
Quelle Chris did most of the things in this song: he’s the producer, he wrote it, and he is the artist. Someone who is that confident about his own works and how to execute it is okay by me, and from his forthcoming album Ghost At The Finish Line (Mello Music Group) is a little ditty he calls “Super Fuck”. It’s just one of the things you’ll find on this project. Other things involve humans, with names like The Alchemist, House Shoes, Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, and Fuzz Scoota. The accumulation of these things will be heard on October 29th.

FREE DL: Quelle Chris featuring P​.​U​.​D​.​G​.​E. & Chris Keys’ “We Eat It (Remix)”

Quelle Chris photo QuelleChris_cover_zpsb9a235f8.jpg
If you are what you eat, Quelle Chris has something to say about that. He did on his latest album, but now by creating a remix which also features Chris Keys and P.U.D.G.E., the message of “We Eat It” may get to your mind (and stomach) a bit faster.