SOME STUFFS: Stream new album by CHVDS

 photo CHVDS_old_zpsca9966e6.jpg
Sean French and Nathan Johnson are CHVDS, and with an album due out in a few days, they have chosen to share it to everyone for all to hear. The Dallas duo will be releasing Night Of The Blood Moon on Pour Le Corpse, which is being called an “unofficial micro-necro” offshoot/subsidiary of Pour le Corps Records (a part of it almost sounds like as if the label is called “pour liquor”, but that may be just me). The music by CHVDS is dark and black with doom qualities, with some nice drone that will weaken even those with strong hearts. Have a listen to it below via Soundcloud, and you may also pre-order it digitally on Bandcamp, also below. Night Of The Blood Moon will also be released on cassette so for those who prefer to hear their music move at 1 7/8 ips, you can have it in your favorite format.