VIDEO: Nick Demopoulos plays “The Smomid”

Nick Demopoulos from BOMB Magazine on Vimeo.

I’ve always admired those who modify their musical instruments, are into circuit bending, or people who go out of their way to create their own. I have no skills in this whatsoever, which is probably why I just take sounds from other sources and manipulate them electronically. If I do take time to create my own instruments, I may be on the way towards becoming like guitarist Nick Demopoulos, a musician based in New York City. While people have done things like Demopoulos for years, the internet has made it possible to see and hear things like this in real time. If you’d like to hear his work, he currently has 10 songs on his Soundcloud page.

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RECORD CRACK/SOME STUFFS: Marco Benevento tours in support of new album in 2010

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The Royal Potato Family are about to unleash yet another Marco Benevento to the world on May 11th. This one is called Between The Needles & Nightfall, which will be released on vinyl, CD, and digital download. Once again Benevento and his trio will be hitting the road in support of it in interesting and perhaps unusual conditions. Some shows will also feature Surprise Me Mr. Davis as the opening act, a band that features Benevento and members of The Slip with vocalist Nathan Moore. Here are confirmed tour dates (beginning this Friday):

April 2 | Parima | Burlington, VT (Solo)
April 21 | Bennie’s Boom Boom Room | Hattiesburg, MS (MB & Friends)
April 23 | Tipitina’s French Quarter | New Orleans, LA (MB & Friends)
April 24 | Tipitina’s French Quarter | New Orleans, LA (w/ The Slip & Suprise Me Mr. Davis)
April 28 | Megalomaniac’s Ball at Howlin’ Wolf | New Orleans, LA
May 2 | Hi Ho Lounge | New Orleans, LA
May 5 | The Space | Portland, ME
May 6 | The Stone Church | Newmarket, NH
May 7 | Main Pub | Manchester, CT
May 8 | RISD | Providence, RI
May 9 | Parima | Burlington, VT
May 12 | The Hideaway | Louisville, KY
May 13 | Southgate House | Newport, KY
May 14 | Martyr’s | Chicago, IL
May 15 | Wilbert’s | Cleveland, OH
May 16 | Club Cafe | Pittsburgh, PA
May 19 | The Nightcat | Easton, MD
May 20 | 8×10 | Baltimore, MD (w/ Xylos)
May 21 | North Star | Philadelphia, PA (w/ Xylos)
May 22 | Bowery Ballroom | New York, NY (w/ Xylos)
June 16 | Sellersville Theater | Sellersville, PA (w/ American Babies)
June 17 | River Street Jazz Cafe | Wilkes Barre, PA
June 18 | The Big Up Festival | Ghent, NY
June 24 | Tractor Tavern | Seattle, WA (w/ Surprise Me Mr. Davis)
June 25 | Doug Fir Lounge | Portland, OR (w/ Surprise Me Mr. Davis)
June 26 | Axe & Fiddle | Cottage Grove, OR (w/ Surprise Me Mr. Davis)
June 27 | Winnipeg Jazz Festival | Winnipeg, Canada
June 28 | Montreal Jazz Festival | Montreal, Canada (Solo)
June 29 | Toronto Jazz Festival | Toronto, Canada

SOME STUFFS: Marco Benevento unleashes new album

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It wasn’t that long ago that Marco Benevento released his last album, Me Not Me (as reviewed in The Run-Off Groove #232 or had taken part in the Garage A Trois project (reviewed here), so it has come as a welcomed surprise that he is coming out with a brand new album in May.

Between Needles & Nightfall (Royal Potato Family) brought him together with drummer Andrew Barr and bassist Reed Mathis once again for a three day recording session in New York City. After writing, recording, editing, slicing, and perhaps even eating them, he gave the songs to three different engineers to create final mixes. That’s somewhat unusual, since most artists will usually give their tracks to one engineer and have him or her deal with the material towards coming up with a final version that Benevento can approve of. In this case, these engineers are people who have worked with Kid Koala (Vid Cousins), Sunn O))) (Mell Dettmer), and Low Anthem (Jesse Lauter), so the end result? Uncertain, as I haven’t heard the songs but the possibilities have placed a grin on my face.

On top of all this, Benevento is a musician who loves circuit bending, and as someone who enjoys it when a musician goes out of their way to experiment with sound (and not “their” sound), Between Needles & Nightfall could easily become one of the more talked about albums of 2010.

REVIEW: White Mice’s “Ganjahovahdose”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic If one was to perfectly describe the Ganjahovahdose (20 Buck Spin) album by Rhode Island’s White Mice in three words, it would be “doogie doodoo rape”.

You probably want better, so here we go. White Mice are a trio of musicians who are into creating psychedelic and perhaps more realistically, psychotic sounds that will be overwhelming for the new listener. As soon as the album hits, you’re immediately attached with volume. Even at a low volume, you’re going to be plowed for they’re pounding all of their instruments in what sounds like a school beating, but in truth there is a level of organization that may not be clear at first until you listen to it a few times and then pull back.

There’s the power of metal, or make that there’s the power of thrash and speed metal, but it’s way more fucked up than a three-man unified solo. It’s very punk, but it doesn’t hold up to any one standard or tradition, if any. Along with the heaviness of the guitar, distorted bass, and drums, there are some electronic sounds coming in and out of the mix, along with sampled sources of unknown origin, as if their amps are messed up and they’re catching radio frequencies from who-knows-where.

Song titles as a possible listening guide? With titles like “Placenta The Crotchtower”, “The Shroud Of Urine”, and “The Ape-Caca-Lips”, forget it. Ideally you could isolate a song or two and pick favorites, but you’ll find listening to this as a whole, in one sitting, will make you realize how great and fucked these guys are. This is itchy-ass music at its first best, but at its worst you can’t dig out the itch because your hands are tied behind your back. That’s the power of White Mice, baby.

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Free MP3 Download: Nikkos & The Extraordinary Renditions

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If you are a chip tune fan and/or of bent circuitry, then you may have already downloaded this from another blog. They call themselves Nikkos & The Extraordinary Renditions and the album is called Red, black & blue. The full album can be downloaded by clicking this link. To download each song individually, click here

SOME STUFFS: Marco Benevento readies new album

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Me Not Me is the new album from Marco Benevento to be released February 3rd by The Royal Potato Family. He will be touring in support of it with his trio, which features Reed Mathis and Andrew Barr.

Benevento is considered by some (or at least by me) as the current master of the Hammond B-3, and for this new album he is creating new interpretations of songs by Deerhoof, My Morning Jacket, Leonard Cohen, Beck, Led Zeppelin and George Harrison. The album moves further into his blends of jazz with electronics and circuit bending, as he honors the old while seeking the unknown.

Pre-orders for Me Not Me can be done by going here, with CD’s expected to be shipped before the end of this month.