VIDEO: Yamin Semali featuring Rasheeda Ali’s “Are You Sure?”

When I saw the description of the video, I knew I would like it before I pressed play. The song starts out with a nice soulful vibe, then you have flautist Rasheeda Ali playing a great melody in the background, and then Yamin Semali switches from soul to a nice rap. This is how I like my hip-hop to sound, with remnants of the past but with a knack to look and move forward. I want more of this.

Yamin Semali may be known as one half of Clan Destined, but doing a solo project means he is relying on himself (and arguably can only blame himself) to make music in his own vision, which is what he will do with his forthcoming album, Yamin, due out this fall. Until then, if you like the video, you can buy the single via Bandcamp, which also features instrumental and acapella mixes for those who wish to take the song even further.

VIDEO: Clan Destined featuring Stacy Epps’ “Scream”

This video involves a couple about to get seductive on a bed, but there’s someone in a chair, watching. Not doing anything, but just watching. Is this some bizarre Screw My Wife Please video? Then Stacy Epps “sings” where the coupe were just getting romantic? Freaky, freaky, or just f-r eazy?

I’m not sure, but all of these visuals are part of the new video by Clan Destined called “Scream”, so maybe they wanted the viewer to scream for different reasons, or maybe they were doing things to scream so that… eh, I don’t know, but it’s a cool song nonetheless. It is from their album titled Self-titled, so it’s not eponymous. The video was directed by B. Price.

SOME STUFFS: Yamin Semali offers fluidity in his music

Atlanta is where Yamin Semali calls home, and his’s style of music is either:
1) soul with a hip-hop approach
2) hip-hop with a soulful approach

Both equations can end up with different summations, but they lead to something that is cool and laid back, without sounding like someone who is trying to cater. “What I’m Living For” is a preview from Semali’s forthcoming album, he could be someone to watch and keep an ear on. You may already be doing so, as he’s a member of Clan Destined, but this has the potential to go much further.

VIDEO: ClanThuzulah’s “Me And The Clan”

Does hip-hop need a new “Clan”? When you hear these guys, you might say “this is a long time coming.” Clan Destined and Methuzulah have joined forces to become ClanThuzulah, and this is the result. “Me And The Clan” was directed by Rick Foy and I think they’re be taking in all incoming inquiries.

VIDEO: Clan Destined featuring Rita J, Ozy Reigns & Ka’Ra Kersey’s “Show Your Lighters”

Directed by Tyler Person, “Show Your Lighters” is a new video by Clan Destined, a song featuring Rita J, Ozy Reigns and Ka’Ra Kersey. Clan Destined are an Atlanta duo consisting of AmDex and DT, and the song is from their album coming out on January 22nd.