VIDEO: clipping. featuring Antwon & Signor Benedick The Moor’s “Back Up”

clipping. have come up with another intense video, this time for the track “Back Up” from their EP Wriggle. If you haven’t heard the song yet, they’re teamed up with Signor Benedick The Moor and Antwon, which means it’s a mindfuck of sorts. You can check out the EP below via

VIDEO: Clipping.’s “Air ‘Em Out”

Deathbomb Arc in association with Sub PoP Records will be releasing a brand new album from Clipping. on September 9th called Splendor & Misery and the first dose of this warmth is what I want you to do yourself as well as with your underwear after you release something once hearing and seeing this. It’s called “Air ‘Em Out”, nicely directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada.

SOME STUFFS: Clipping. make acapella files available for everything

The guys in Clipping. are nuts, at least musically. You know how insane the lyrics and vocals can be and when it’s time for the music to go over the edge, it goes way beyond the edge like a Kansas album from 1977. But this is 2016 and now they’ve giving away the acapella files from the multi-tracks for you to manipulate in whatever way you see fit. Make new mixes, remixes, chop up something to make people believe Daveed Diggs visited your garage for a session, whatever. It’s all for you. I say flip it, so flip it good, with apologies to Devo.

AUDIO: Jonathan Snipes’ “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

You may have known of him as being a member of the group clipping. but Jonathan Snipes wants to show you a different side to hims creativity. This is part of a soundtrack he did for the film Excess Flesh so if you’re into the heavily noisy side of clipping.’s output, you’ll want to discover what he does here with “I’m Not Going Anywhere” and with it, it’s a way to realize he is going somewhere.

SOME STUFFS: clipping. offer some Halloween goodness

If you’re a fan of clipping., you’ll definitely want to check this out, even if you’re not exactly in the Halloween spirit. Two of its members are doing their own project to show how they like pumpkins and goblins, or something like that. William Hutson takes a look at some of those old Halloween sound effects albums and greats something on the avant-garde side which he has called “Spectralities”. This was made for DIY Haunts and he made it himself, now he’s presenting it to you and all.

The other piece is from Jonathan Snipes, who collaborated with Lawrence Klein, the man who made clipping.’s “Loud” video. Together they put together for Trial Run, which is being called a “horror short” so if you’re into the morbid, decaying or just outright dead, feast into its flesh, or at least a sliver, a bite of what’s to come by watching the trailer for it.

FREE MP3 DL: Kanga’s “Vital Signs”

You may be familiar with Kanga when she did a remix of a clipping. song. Now moving away from the distance and into the forefront, Kanga will be releasing an EP (her first) called Dissonance and you can have a listen to “Vital Signs”. You may hear it and have to check your own vital signs, just to be sure you’re still alive. You’ll want to stay alive for another month and then after that, for Dissonance will be released on October 30th. Check out the song, and you can have it for free, while supplies last.

VIDEO: clipping. featuring King Tee’s “Summertime”

Clipping – "Summertime" from Carlos Lopez Estrada on Vimeo.

clipping. are back again with a new gem for the song “Summertime” and you know who else is back again? King Tee. Yes, the man who continues to be at his own risk so for all suckers who want to act all trifling and shit, this one is going to smack you upside your head. The song is from their Sub Pop album CLPPNG, while the video is once again directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada.

FREE DL: “No Children” compilation from Deathbomb Arc
The good people of Deathbomb Arc have released a new compilation featuring the artists they’re currently working with, people they’re friends with, people they were in previous incarnations and technically still are but… if you know of Deathbomb Arc, you know about their power so here’s another comp to absorb. No Children features music from I.E., the awesome True Natural Crew, tik///tik, clipping., and six more. Margot Padilla (b/k/a I.E.) did the artwork for this one. On top of the music, this effort is free of charge so snag it.

VIDEO: clipping.’s “Get Up”

Carlos Lopez Estrada and Cristina Bercovitz directed this video for clipping. for “Get Up”, a song from their Sub Pop album. As with anything they’ve done, they’re able to turn anything into rhythm, anything into music. You might say an alarm clock is annoying but I say annoyance is love.

VIDEO: True Neutral Crew’s “Live”

You may have enjoyed True Neutral Crew’s music but have been curious about what they’re like in a live setting. Here’s the perfect way to find out, a 20-minute short film that is the group displaying themselves on stage in a way that is sure to bring you and everyone else to see them when they play near you. The people you’ll see and hear in this include Margot Padilla (I.E.), Signor Benedict The Moor, and Daveed Diggs of clipping., all of which represent the hip-hop perspective of the group. The musical creations are made by Brian Kinsman, Boo Hiss, and tik///tik. Now that you know, get to know them a bit more.