VIDEO: Zolo’s “I Saw You”

Zolo photo Zolo_old_zpsm6vzmd5f.jpg
Zolo has made what may be the song of the summer or early fall, depending on how determined you want it to be. He goes by the name of Zolo and he wants to thrive with the power of “I Saw You” and it’s a song about him visusalizing you that one day, stood back and said “whoa” and then like Gene, he wanted to tell you about it, he wanted to tell you about it. Are you willing to show off your well-lotioned thighs for him and dance in Duke’s?

VIDEO: Jolly Mare’s “Hungry Angry”

Jolly Mare photo JollyMare_old_zpsajvrs3sg.jpg
Fabrizio Martina is going out of his way to let people know he’s more than just a “champion turntablist”, he is a “multi-instrumentalist” and has a “master degree in Mechanical engineering and a PhD in Vibration Dynamics under his belt”, these are things I am quoting from the press release but what you care more about is why I’m posting about him. He has an album coming out soon under the name Jolly Mare so while you will remember his real name, also know him as Jolly Mare. His album will be out soon called Mechanics, a great way to represent what he does in life and in music and he has released the second single from it. Check out “Hungry Angry” and maybe you can control your feelings for the song by balancing both.

Mechanics will be released by Bastard Jazz Recordings on April 8th.

AUDIO: Newtimers’ “Perfect Ten”

Newtimers photo Newtimers_old_zps8z9s77ez.jpg
Sweden will have another group to show fondness for and their name is Newtimers. They may one day become old timers but they don’t want to rush things. They will be reelasing an EP on Cosmos Music and from it is a song that opens them up to the rest of their homeland and the world. It’s called “Perfect Ten”, a song that may be a guide for what they may be looking for in someone or maybe they’ve already had you in their scope.

FREE MP3 DL: Steve “Silk” Hurley’s “The Word Is Love (Adam K Remix)”

The press release for this song uses the word “iconic” and I was about to throw this shit out and never bring it back but I figured there are enough people who love “The Word Is Love” by Steve “Silk” Hurley and I wanted people to check out this new version of the song. The remix is done by Adam K and it may bring a new perspective of it, or renewed love for the love described in the song. If you’re into it, you have a chance to download this while supplies last, click the player to the Soundcloud page and you can have it all to yourself.

AUDIO: Ckrono & Slesh’s “Slang” (EP)

Ckrono & Slesh are an Italian duo who create music based on the power of a groove, and that groove is to dance. They have released a single called Slang and technically this is a 2-song single but they’re calling this an EP. Why? I have no idea, so I’m slightly confused but what will not confused is, once again, the power of a groove and I could hear people like Diplo, JaKe One, 4Hero remix in a powerful manner.

They will be in Boston this weekend before doing some shows in Mexico for the rest of November, head to them and feel the mutual vibes.
November 13… Boston, MA (Squealing Pig)
November 14… Good Life, Boston, MA (Good Life)
November 20… San Luis Potosi, Mexico (Pimp Club)
November 27… Tultitlan, Mexico (La Mina de Roma)
November 28… Mexico City, Mexico (Cassette Blog Anniversary)