VIDEO: Corina Corina’s “Disappointment”

Corina Corina will be releasing a new street EP very soon called Run The Blues and if the title sounds familiar, it is a tribute to Run The Jewels, the successful project between El-P and Killer Mike. She is preparing for its release by coming up with a video for the song “Disappointment” and as you will see and hear, it is far from what the title indicates.

VIDEO: Corina Corina’s “The Only One”

Corina Corina has just released another video in support of her album The Free Way, a song that looks towards a person who may perhaps end up being “The Only One” for her. Maybe you can relate to it as well.

VIDEO: Corina Corina featuring Melissa Czarnik’s “America, America”

Corina Corina is keeping herself active in the promotion of her latest project The Free Way and now she’s up to the third video for the album. This one features Melissa Czarnik, and now let the magic begin.

VIDEO: Corina Corina featuring Elucid’s “Do You Mind?

The Free Way is the latest album from Brooklyn’s Corina Corina, and she has released a new video for it, the second single from the album. This one is called “Do You Mind?”, which features Elucid assisting in the track. The song was produced by Dirt E. Dutch, while the video comes courtesy of director Kyle Young. With the first day of summer only a day away, perhaps it’s time to find your favorite song to sit on the stoop to. Consider making “Do You Mind?” that summer hit.

VIDEO: Corina Corina featuring Henry Canyons’ “I Can’t Resist”

Vocalist Corina Corina released a new album yesterday called The Free Way and from it, a track she did with Henry Canyons called “I Can’t Resist”, and they’re hoping once you listen to it, you can resist its charm either. Have a watch and listen, let it effect you in the right way.

SOME STUFFS: Corina Corina starts campaign towards the release of new album Corina Corina is ready to break out with a brand new album she’s calling The Free Way, and a few days ago she started an campaign towards raising funds in order to completing it. She is working with Willie Green once again for this project, and if she reaches her $5000 goal, it goes towards recording, editing, mixing, and mastering the album from start to finish. Her debut album was very good, and she is sure to take it to the next level with this new one.

If you have yet to hear her and her music, she has been featured at a number of times in the last 18 months since the release of her debut album, The Eargasm (my review of which can be read by clicking here. Click around and sample a song or two, then consider making a donation for the cause.

FREE DL: Steel Tipped Dove featuring Corina Corina’s “Ugly Duckling”

 photo SteelTipped_cover_zps5d103351.jpg
Corina Corina has collaborated with Steel Tipped Dove for their project & a whole bunch of crazy motherfuckers, and this time around she mixes up a bit of rapping with her singing in a song that could be on the edge indie/alternative side, quite adventurous. The track is a Corina Corina original competition, the autobiographical “Ugly Duckling”. If you’re interested in hearing the project in full, featuring contributions from Antwon, Kool A.D., YC The Cynic, Downswayze, Jesse Abraham, DVS, and Big Baby Gandhi among many, you may click here.

REVIEW: Corina Corina’s “Come Again” (EP)

Corina Corina photo Corinax2CA_cover_zps2554b0e6.jpg It is nice when an artist uses continuity between songs and projects. Case in point: the new EP by Corina Corina is called Come Again, which features remixes of songs from her album, The Eargasm. In other words, if you were able to obtain pleasure with the album, you may be able to have it again with revisions of the familiar.

The EP features remixes by Deto-22, Willie Green, and Fancois Merryweather, each one enhancing the groove of Corina Corina’s voice and the original mixes. One of the benefits of this EP is that it gives a chance for these songs to be more concentrated, sometimes with slight editing and arrangements, and by Corina Corina herself to be placed in a different musical template, it may offer a chance for her to be heard in a way that may have been overlooked. Come Again could have easily been turned into a full length album but for now, consider this a temporary stop before she moves towards her next project.

FREE DL: Corina Corina’s “O.D. Love (Deto-22 Remix)”

 photo Corinax2_cover_zps6f8a8f08.jpg
Corina Corina will be releasing a new album in a bit called Come Again: The Eargasm Extended, and if you understand what that means, then you know what she is trying to do to your ears. If she has done so already, you’ll be quite happy to hear these new mixes of songs from last year’s album The Eargasm, and this is a preview of it, a remix by Deto-22.

FREE DL: Corina Corina’s “Birds”

Corina Corina photo Corina2Birds_cover_zpscec3120c.jpg
Corina Corina is offering a new song right before she heads on tour, making her way towards Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW. This one, once again produced by Willie Green, is on the electro-pop side, somewhat new wavey but also funky at the same time. Have a listen, and you’re also able to download it as an MP3 or a FLAC lossless file.

As for those shows, March will begin with being one-half of the duo Max Daddy. After the SXSW shows, she’ll head out on a solo tour, but she will be accompanied by Toussaint Morrison from Minneapolis as they go on the D’Squarius Green Tour.

March 9… Hillsborough, NC (Billsborough Music Hall)
March 10… Chapel Hill, NC (506)
March 11… Asheville, NC ()
March 12… Shreveport, LA (Twine)

March 14… Austin, TX (Live Bar & Lounge) [SXSW]
March 16… Austin, TX (Little Woodrows) [SXSW]

March 18… Houston, TX (DEANS)
March 20… Springfield, TX (The Tipsy Turtle)
March 21… Minneapolis, MN (Hell’s Kitchen)
March 22… Milwaulkee, WI (Stonefly)
March 23… Racine, WI (Monkey)
March 25… Charleston, IL (Friends & Co)
March 29… Cincinnati, OH (Northside Tavern)
April 2… Long Neck, NJ (Brighton Bar)
April 4… Brooklyn, NY (Trash Bar)
April 6… Doylestown, PA (Muggs on Main)