VIDEO: Cotillon’s “Black Sea”

Directed by Sandy Kim & Brian Lee Hughes, “Black Sea” is the latest video from Cotillon, which may look like a low-grade camcorder video but that’s why it works. The song is from The Afternoons, available below via


VIDEO: Cotillon’s “Secret”

From their Burger/Modern Sky album The Afternoons is a nice and crispy one from Cotillon called “Secaret” but don’t allow this to be a secret. No no. Director Luke Barham put this together so get into it for it is a scorcher.

The Afternoons

VIDEO: Cotillon’s “Convenience”

Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick, “Convenience is the new video by Cotillon where they explore the great outdoors, ashtrays for roach clips and convenience stores. Does it matter? Of course. The song is taken from their self-titled album on Burger Records.


VIDEO: Cotillon’s “Gloom”

A nice one from their album on Burger Records is “Gloom” and if you haven’t heard Cotillon yet, take a look and listen right now. Their self-titled album was released two weeks ago and they are quite crafty with their nice blend of pop and rock, even not having any vocals in this song until half way into it, which will make you wait patiently until it comes in. Then it’s a continuation of the beauty they provide. The video was done with help from director Frian Bakefield.


VIDEO: Cotillon’s “Before”

Cotillon photo Cotillon_old_zps55d3712e.jpg
Cotillon’s Burger Records’ debut is out now and if you’re someone who gets excited over any project Burger releases, you are going to enjoy this one. Laura-Lynn Petrick directed the video for “Before”, which you may now get to see and hear after it was made, because… well, that’s how things are made, aren’t they? The video looks like it was show with 8mm film and could be ready made for old television sets, but you may view it in any convenient way you want.