RECORD CRACK: Rectal Hygenics release “Cold Meat” 7″

 photo RectalHygenics_cover_zps334d098a.jpg
“Cold Meat” and “Hoard Of Violence” are two Rectal Hygenics tracks released digitally in September, but now you’re able to pick a physical copy up in the form of a 7″ single on the Diseased Audio label. Order a copy or two by clicking here.

REVIEW: Rectal Hygienics’ “Even The Flies Won’t Touch You”

Rectal Hygienics When you form a band and you end up choosing Rectal Hygienics as your moniker, it’s safe to say you’re not going to do any love songs. Even The Flies Won’t Touch You is a 7-track album that will get into the nerves of most listeners, as this isn’t easy to listen to. For everyone else, imagine Venom if they were influenced by Buzzov•en and Eyehategod. Now imagine them getting even more ruthless. The lyrics are as demented and twisted as anything you’ve ever heard, and yet if you take away the heaviness of it all, some of it comes off quite humorous in its own way, perhaps unintentionally. Either that, or these guys don’t mind trying to be funny in the name of sounding ultra violent. If this is music meant to represent the filth of the world and the filthy, it’s a perfect soundtrack.

(Even The Flies Won’t Touch You is available on cassette from Depravity. Digital fiends can check it out by clicking their Bandcamp page.)