SOME STUFFS: “Renegades Of Rhythm” show in Oakland to be released on VHS

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If you attended DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist’s recent Renegades Of Rhythm shows, you know it was not just a celebration of hip-hop in general but it celeberates the legacy of Afrika Bambaataa and the records he used and collected in his life. A performance of this show in Oakland was recorded and will be made available for purchase.

Renegades Of Rhythm: Live In Oakland will be released on VHS tape. You got that right, VHS. Yes, VHS is a dead format but so is Betamax, and there have been many times in the last 30 years that vinyl was supposed to die too. While the demand for anything on VHS these days is beyond minimal, hardcore music buffs still flock to VHS tapes that have not been released on DVD or Blu-Ray officially. Just as there are hardcore collectors who consider laserdisc is superior, the VHS is still very much alive and well by many. Only 300 copies of this tape are being made, each one to be individually numbered. DJ Shadow has sold his share of titles on VHS over the years, from the Slurp show to the tape with well known funk and soul drummers so add this to the -ography as well. It’s a bit pricey (well, for me at least) but this is a limited edition and some of you will transfer it digitally immediately anyway. You can pre-order it over at

RECORD CRACK: Cut Chemist digging through records in south east Asia

I do not have the lives that Madlib, Soulman, Diplo, Egon, or Dante Carfagna have in which they’re able to go on trips and just seriously dig for records for hours, and I’m a vinyl junkie. But we’re able to watch and observe others who go around the world specifically looking for the perfect beat, the next hot sample, or simply something new and interesting to listen to, including Cut Chemist. He doesn’t reveal where exactly he is, but as you can see, the adventure looks fun nonetheless.

VIDEO/FREE DL: Cut Chemist featuring Chali2na & Hymnal’s “Work My Mind”

Any new Cut Chemist is good Cut Chemist, at least that’s my philosophy and it works for me. May this new track called “Work My Mind” work on you too, and to make that happen, Chali2na and Hymnal are brought in to make things more festive. The video was directed by Delaney Bishop, who had worked with Cut Chemist and 2na before in their Jurassic 5 days for the great “Concrete Schoolyard” video. You may download the track for free via Bandcamp.

SOME STUFFS: Cut Chemist releases “The Soft Sell”

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You may have heard elements of this new mix by Cut Chemist in the last five years, but this is being made available in a high quality fashion from Mr. MacFadden himself, who describes The Soft Sell this way:

“This is a live all 45 mix made with one turntable and a loop pedal. It was constructed for Red Bull’s 45 night on October 27 2008 in LA. This mix includes some cutting room floor ideas from The Hard Sell (DJ Shadow and I on 8 turntables and two loop pedals) and elements from what would later be part of my one turntable/loop pedal live mix CD Sound Of The Police.”

Taking things again to not only a higher level, but to the left and right channels for an optimum performance.

VIDEO: Cut Chemist’s “Rhythm Method”

Cut Chemist has just posted a new video/track for “Rhythm Method”, which originates from the project he did earlier this year called One Day On Earth. “Rhythm Method” features Myka 9 on rhymes, Deantoni Parks on drums, Merrill Garbus (tUnE-yArDs) on the ‘ukulele, and Vox Populi on keyboards.

You can also see One Day On Earth below.

SOME STUFFS: Cut Chemist’s “The Garden” gets turned into an animated video

If the title to his first and only album so far is any indication, it shows when it comes to Cut Chemist, the audience is indeed listening.

The album was released six years ago and yet he continues to do the kind of music he does while being able to travel around the world. Now, someone has turned his song into a nice animated video with a few visual hints from some familiar animated friends. To read up on how the video was created, click to the YouTube page for it. If you are a video DJ and want to place this into your sets or want to create something out of it, you can download the video by clicking here.

VIDEO: Cut Chemist’s “Outro (Dub)”

You may have seen Cut Chemist‘s “Outro (Revisited)“, but have you heard the (Dub) (Version)? Those who bought the 45 and 12” will be familiar with the song, but if you haven’t heard it, it’s basically a flip of the flip. In other words, “Outro (Dub)” is the B-side and is a dub mix where things are turned into something new. Renewed? (Yes).

VIDEO: Cut Chemist featuring Blackbird’s “Outro (Revisited)”

When I first saw this video, I asked one thing: is this the same bridge/stairs that Pharyde and De La Soul used in their videos?

Most likely no, but it doesn’t matter. It means brand new music from Cut Chemist, which paves the way for the forthcoming album on A Stable Sound called Die Cut, which may be double entendre. Does it meant that cutting in hip-hop is dead, or that hard copies of the album will come in a “die-cut” cover? Or neither? We will see and hear… soon.

SOME STUFFS: Cut Chemist gets global as he moves forward to “Die”

One Day on Earth the music video – by Cut Chemist from One Day on Earth on Vimeo.

Tonight, Cut Chemist performs in front of the United Nations in New York City in support of One Day On Earth, a documentary film that simply captures various filmed images from around the world on one specific day. What Cut Chemist did was gather some of the best sounds from the film and create a song. If you think of a track like Coldcut‘s “Timber”, it’s similar in nature but a bit more advanced and updated to represent the world today, which perhaps is not so different as the world (and people) of the past.

With a visit to NYC, Cut Chemist will be doing an all 45’s set at the Bowery on Monday before heading back home (or looking for more radio spots), as he prepares to complete his next album, Die Cut He’ll then be heading to Brazil for a show and then return home for a visit to the I Love This City Festival in San Francisco at the end of the month. Chaotic? I wish I was able to do that kind of traveling, Mr. Chemist. For you, the fan of Cut’s chemistry, here is where you’ll see him in the next month:

April 23… New York, NY (Bowery Electric)
May 11… Sao Paulo, Brazil (Sonar)
May 25… San Francisco, CA (I Love This City Festival)

Meanwhile, his “Outro (Revisited)” single (on A Stable Sound) can be purchased on the trusty vinyl format, along with the trendy digital ones. You can buy vinyl directly from the official Cut Chemist store @ BigCartel.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Cut Chemist’s “Disco Is Dead (1973-1979)”

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Even with the brand new release of Cut Chemist‘s Sound Of The Police (review forthcoming), he has come out with an all new morsel of audio goodness, this time touching on the sounds of disco. It seems with each passing generation, more are appreciating disco for what it was or is, since its spirit still lives on in a good amount (keyword “good”) of today’s dance sounds. Cut Chemist goes exploring in this mix which you can find by clicking to I also highly recommend the mixes by Dante Carfagna, Dâm-Funk and Peanut Butter Wolf, Carlos Niño and Nobody, although each of the mixes on the page are free, so no excuse but to download, listen, and enjoy.

(UPDATE {July 5, 2013}: Cut Chemist has posted this mix on his Bandcamp page, so stream and listen or DL it below.)