VIDEO: D.Focis featuring Sash La’Ki’s “Tape Deck”

A new one from the main man D.Focis is a slight flashback to the days of YO! MTV RAPS and RAP CITY with a song that may also bring back memories of your “Tape Deck”. Assisting in the slight reminisce is Sash La’Ki. The song is from D.Focis’ Title Goes Here and the end of this post is right over… wait… right here.

FREE MP3 DL: D.Focis’ “Jit To This (Detroit Vs Everybody)”

Detroit is dropping another dope track by the one and only D.Focis, who not ony wants to jit, but he wants you and eveyrone to “Jit To This”. Subtitled “Detroit Vs Everybody”, this song is meant to let people know Detroit will never be out of the game and if everybody gets into this, then you too can jit to it, and specifically, this.

FREE MP3 DL: D.Focis’ “Prince Akeem”

After hearing this, I wish this 1:59 song was a bit longer but D.Focis insures that he is not here to advocate many more hate, he is to let you know why he does what he does in a very nice way. The track is called “Prince Akeem”, honoring the Coming To America character in brief. Again, this song deserves yet another verse but we deal what we have and we must be (im)patient for another new song from him.

VIDEO: D.Focis’ “A Little Love”

The focus this time around for D.Focis is a nice track called “A Little Love”, taken from his latest album He Says She Says: My Side of the Story. He will be at SXSW next week so if you want to attend, send an e-mail to dfocisbooking [at] gmail [dot] com for more information. He’ll also be in California at the end of the month so if you’re not doing the SXSW schmoozathon, understandable, then head to San Marcos for a good show:

March 18… Austin, TX (SXSW @ Cielo Night Club)
March 28… San Marcos, CA (The Jumping Turtle)