SOME STUFFS: Seattle’s Grynch shines “Street Lights” on new recording
Grynch is back with an all new album, eleven new songs plus an remix and he’s calling it Street Lights. If you know how he is, you know the man is capable of dropping nicely in a manner that requires for you to listen, and then to listen to it a few times again. The new one features appearances from Slug of Atmosphere, Wizdom, Mario Sweet, Kokane, Bambu, and more, along with productions from Jake One, D-Sane, Justo (The Physics), BeanOne, and… just get the album and find out.

AUDIO: Wizdom featuring Grynch & Fearce Vill’s “My City’s Filthy”
The main man known as Wizdom is back for 2014 with a powerful cut honoring the gritty side of Seattle not many outside of the Emerald City may know about. He brought in Grynch and Fearce Vill to let everyone know why “My City’s Filthy”, produced by D-Sane.

VIDEO: Wizdom & Grynch’s “Got Ya Numb (D-Sane Remix)”

“3 seconds on the clock and Wiz got the ball”, and once again Wizdom has the ball and passes it for a remix. Six month ago he dropped a video with Grynch for the song “Got Ya Numb“, and this time there’s a remix for it with a new video. The remix is done by D-Sane, who some may know as the head of the Seattle hip-hop label Street Level Records. I like the treatment D-Sane has done with the song, and hopefully you will too.