VIDEO: Da Mafia 6ix featuring La Chat and Fiend’s “High Like An Eagle”

Da Mafia 6ix are bagging it up, then releasing the goods to smoke it. What are they smoking? No matter, for they are “High Like An Eagle” right now and as long as it’s good, it’s good enough for them. The song is from their Watch What U Wish album and if you know what they’re about, you also know they’ve been wishing quite well. The song also features help from Fiend and La Chat, which isn’t shat by any means.


AUDIO: Da Mafia 6ix featuring La Chat’s “No Good Deed”

If you’re no good to your lover (or the person who insists on calling you their lover, you will now have a new theme song to play for life. “No Good Deed” by Da Mafia 6ix is from their new album Watch What U Wish and it features La Chat getting dope and deep, so allow the song to get deeper to you and all others around you.

VIDEO: Da Mafia 6ix featuring Fiend’s “Forever Get High”

Is it possible to “Forever Get High”? You can get high like every day, as Nate Dogg once said in Warren G’s “Regulate”, and attempt it for yourself, it’s up to you and make sure it’s safe. Da Mafia 6ix say to “Forever Get High” is something that may be worth considering to escalate and elevate yourself. THey do so with help from Fiend. Their Watch What U Wish album is scheduled for release on March 17th.

AUDIO: Da Mafia 6ix featuring Fiend & La Chat’s “Payin Top Dolla”

Da Mafia 6ix were going to release a new album in three weeks called Watch What U Wish but at the last minute, they decided to put a hold on it until early 2015. You don’t have to worry, for they’ve made a street album that will be released in place of the proper album, which means you’re going to get two full length projects in a one year period. You can’t beat that. “Payin’ Top Dolla” is a song from the street album, to be called Hear Sum Evil and this one features La Chat and Fiend going in for slicing and dicing.

SOME STUFFS: Da Mafia 6ix offer song from new album due in October

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Halloween is the day to not be afraid, but to anticipate the coming of new music from Da Mafia 6ix, which has a title: Watch What U Wish. You don’t have to wait to hear something from it, at least a track, one produced by DJ Paul called “Lock’m N Da Trunk v.2”, which of course means it’s version two. The song also features DJ Zirk.

The group are on tour right now, so go see the 6ix and show them support:

July 11… Corpus Christi, TX (Club XS)
July 13… San Antonio, TX (White Rabbit)
July 25… Thornville, OH (Legend Valley – Gathering Of The Juggalos)
July 26… Asheville, NC (New Mountain Theater)
August 2… Dallas, TX (Club DaDa’s)
August 3… Houston, TX (Numbers)
August 7… San Angelo, TX (The Beauregard)
August 8… San Leon, TX (18th St Bar & Grill)
August 9… Austin, TX (Red 7)
August 16… Miami, FL (Grand Central)
August 29… Las Vegas, NV (LVCS)

FREE MP3 DL: Da Mafia 6ix featuring Yelawolf’s “Go Hard”

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Da Mafia 6ix are the original members of Three 6 Mafia, so for those of you who remember when they were DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo, Lord Infamous and Crunchy Black, they have now returned. They brought in Yelawolf to “Go Hard” and you have to admit that this one cuts deep. Whether you’re a fan, DJ, mix tape scientist, or MP3 jockey, you can have the song three different ways.

You’ll be able to have Da Mafia 6ix in a nice way in Atlanta this Friday when they perform at the A3C Festival on or around 8:15pm.